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Review - The LEGO Neighborhood Book

The LEGO Neighborhood Book is a new book from No Starch Press, written by Brian and Jason Lyles - the guys from Brick City Depot. You can find five of their MOCs on Rebrickable too.

Review - 76023 Batman Tumbler

For the few people who don't know what this set is about, it is The Tumbler from the Batman Dark Knight Trilogy. Originally a military prototype vehicle, Bruce Wayne repurposed it for Batman's use. But does it come in LEGO?

Review - 31313 Mindstorms EV3 - WACK3M

It's been a while since I got to play with the Mindstorms set :( The Wack3m model (designed by Martyn Boogaarts) is one of 12 community models that were provided with the bundled software and the first one I've built. This is a whack-a-mole type game where your reaction speeds are tested by hitting one of three disks as they popup randomly.

Review - 40109 Mini Mini Cooper

This polybag is a mini model of the recent 10242 Mini Cooper set which I unfortunately don't have for comparison. So it's a Mini Mini Cooper I guess :)

Site Updates for July

During July I focused on fixing a lot of the small nagging problems. I also spent some time on improving performance of many aspects of the site, as well as cleaned up a lot of code to make things easier to maintain.