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Interview with Madoca1977

Which LEGO Technic fan by now has not heard of Madoca1977? Two years ago he burst onto the MOC scene with some of the best Technic MOCs the LEGO world had ever seen, and has been releasing excellent MOC after excellent MOC ever since.

Now, he has agreed to sit down with us folks at Rebrickable for an exclusive interview. Read on to learn all about the man behind the Madoca1977 moniker!

Review - 31036 Toy and Grocery Shop

This is my first time building a Creator building. There are many in the theme, but somehow i never got my hand on any of them. So how will the building be? Let's find out!

Review - 31034 Future Flyer

There have been a good number of Creator robot in later years. 2011 saw 5764 Rescue Robot, then in 2013 debuted 31007 Power Mech, in awesome lime green, and in the same year another set had a secondary build of a robot, 31008 Thunder Wings, that was just as good as an A-model.

Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there lived a fairy prince...

Review - 5002928 Party Polybag

5002928 'Party' polybag is a new Friends promotional polybag. It contains a tiny bag of parts, a booklet with some playing ideas, a pencil, a sticker sheet, a stencil and a pile of cutouts.