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Review - 42038 Arctic Truck

The 42038 Arctic Truck is the 2nd largest of the 2015 Technic sets released so far, at 912 parts. It is a strange looking truck, not something you would typically come across in your daily travels (unless perhaps, you work at the North Pole).

Review - 42036 Street Motorcycle

There are not too many Technic Motorcycle sets released, the last ones being the 42007 Moto Cross Bike in 2013 and the 8291 Dirt Bike in 2008. The 42036 Street Motorcycle set is the latest one to be released.

Review - 42039 24 Hours Race Car

I was able to get my hands on this 2015 Technic flagship set (thanks to Kim from the LEGO CEE team!) for review. It does not have as many parts as previous flagship models, but is still a huge set.

Review - 42035 Mining Truck

This 42035 Mining Truck is one of the first new Technic sets of 2015. It is a small/medium sized set, and has a great looking design. Read on for the full review.

Review - 10246 Detective's Office

This is my second full sized Modular Building set (see the Parisian Restaurant review). I really enjoyed the first one, so read on to see how this one compares :)