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Review - 75099 Rey's Speeder

Here we are with another StarWars The Force Awakens review! This set is Rey's Speeder, a brand new speeder type we first saw on the trailer some months ago.
Again, I'm not sure how the vehicle or the characters fit in the plot, and I'm trying to avoid any spoiler, so no information on that side :)
On the Lego side, I was instantly attracted by this set, the dark red color and the greebling being the main factor for my interest. So let's see how it is!

Review - 75102 Poe's X-Wing Fighter

This year wave of Star Wars sets surely raised a lot of interest in the Lego community, not only becouse they're from a new Star Wars movie that have yet to be released, but also becouse they look objectively cool. Poe's X-Wing Fighter expecially captured my attention with his elegant new color scheme for a very old and well known spaceship. Who is this Poe, and why does he have a custom colored X-Wing? I don't know if there are rumors already circulating about the plot, and i don't want to know either, since i'm trying to avoid any spoiler. But my guess it's either some "boss" of other pilots, or some rogue fighter who customized his (maybe stolen?) X-Wing. What's your guess?

Review - 21303 WALL•E

The WALL•E set is the latest release from the LEGO Ideas platform, and has received a decent amount of news coverage lately, including plenty of criticism. In case you didn't know, WALL•E is the main character in the 2008 Pixar movie titled WALL•E.

Review - Nathanaël Kuipers' Predator Supercar

The Predator Supercar by Nathanaël Kuipers is the first MOC that I've reviewed on Rebrickable. If you have not heard of Nathanaël before, he was a LEGO designer responsible for the design of several Technic sets from 2005 to 2008. He is also the author of The LEGO Build It Book series. Not just a Technic whiz, Nathanaël has also created dozens of amazing Creator alternate models which you can find on his website.

Review - 21302 The Big Bang Theory

So here we are, The Big Bang Theory set is finally available, and we can finally see if it's worth or not. When Lego Ideas announced the production of this Idea, i was undecided. On one side i'm a huge fan of the show since its inception, so of course i rejoiced at the news. On the other side i couldn't help but grumble about how much franchises became dominant in Ideas, despite the abundance of worthy unlicenced models (such as this one for example, which i choose for reasons completely unrelated to me being the author). TBBT is actually one of the worst offenders here, as there's very little "model" in this set, it's more a bunch of minifigs with a literally half a room to provide a background.