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Review - 10245 Santa's Workshop

The 10245 Santa's Workshop set is this year's Christmas holiday set. It comes with six minifigures and several smaller models, not to mention some cute Reindeers.

Site Updates - August

August was a busy month for me both on and off Rebrickable, but there has been plenty of changes.

Review - The LEGO Neighborhood Book

The LEGO Neighborhood Book is a new book from No Starch Press, written by Brian and Jason Lyles - the guys from Brick City Depot. You can find five of their MOCs on Rebrickable too.

Review - 76023 Batman Tumbler

For the few people who don't know what this set is about, it is The Tumbler from the Batman Dark Knight Trilogy. Originally a military prototype vehicle, Bruce Wayne repurposed it for Batman's use. But does it come in LEGO?

Review - 31313 Mindstorms EV3 - WACK3M

It's been a while since I got to play with the Mindstorms set :( The Wack3m model (designed by Martyn Boogaarts) is one of 12 community models that were provided with the bundled software and the first one I've built. This is a whack-a-mole type game where your reaction speeds are tested by hitting one of three disks as they popup randomly.