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Review - 4000010 LEGO House

Inside the classy LEGO internal set style box we have:

Review - 70813 Rescue Reinforcements

This is one of the largest movie sets released so far, and consists of three quite distinct models.

MOC Alternate Build Competition - April

The competition held last December was a great success with lots of awesome MOCs. We are running another one for April, with a similar theme. Create and submit a MOC using only the parts from any single set of your choice (that meets the criteria below). If your submission gets the most votes at the end of the month, you win $100!

Review - 70811 The Flying Flusher

The last of the 2-in-1 sets to review, The Flying Flusher is an interesting one. In what I think is a first for LEGO, this set consists of an outdoor toilet cubicle and plumber van. These transform into the Flying Flusher to shoot... erm... toilet things at the bad guy.

Review - 70806 Castle Cavalry

Here we have another of the 2-in-1 sets, this time in a Castle theme. The idea of a medieval themed Castle transforming into a flying war machine is interesting, and since this is the LEGO Movie theme anything is possible :)