API Function - Add User Part List

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Use this service to create a new Part List for the user.

URL /api/add_user_partlist
Method POST
Parameters key - API Key
format - How to display output data. Valid values: xml, json, csv, tsv
callback - Optional JSONP callback function name
email - The user's logon email.
pass - The user's password.
hash - User Hash Key, alternate to providing email+pass.
descr - Description/Name of the part list.
type - Type of part list: 1 = use parts in build, 2 = dont use parts in build calculations.

Output data with fields:

  • SUCCESS - Successfully added the setlist and returns the setlist_id.
  • Error Codes:

  • INVALIDKEY - The API Key is invalid
  • INVALIDPASS - Invalid user email or password
  • INVALIDHASH - The hash key does not match a user/password
  • NOUSER - The user could not be found
  • Test Values

    API Key:
    User email:
    User password:
    User hash:

    Test Results