API Function - Get Alternate Build MOCs

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Get a list of any alternate build MOCs based on a specific set. These MOCs use only the parts from a single set.

URL /api/get_alt_builds
Method GET
Parameters key - API Key
format - How to display output data. Valid values: xml, json, csv, tsv
callback - Optional JSONP callback function name
set_id - Find alternate build MOCs for this set.

Output data with fields:

  • set_id - MOC's Set ID.
  • descr - Set name/description.
  • designer_id - Designer ID who created the MOC.
  • moc_url - MOC's URL.
  • img_500 - MOC's image max 500px wide.
  • img_300 - MOC's image max 300px wide.
  • num_parts - Numnber of parts in the MOC.
  • Error Codes:

  • INVALIDKEY - The API Key is invalid
  • Test Values

    API Key:
    Set ID:

    Test Results