API Function - Set User Sets

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Use this service to set the Rebrickable sets saved in the specified user's My Sets list. It will merge these sets with any existing sets. However if you specify the optional setlist_id parameter, it will instead replace (ie not merge) all sets just in that specific set list. If any sets cannot be found in the database, they will be silently ignored. For this reason, when it has finished it will return the number of sets that were successfully recognised.

URL /api/set_user_sets
Method POST
Parameters key - API Key
format - How to display output data. Valid values: xml, json, csv, tsv
callback - Optional JSONP callback function name
email - The user's logon email.
pass - The user's password.
hash - User Hash Key, alternate to providing email+pass.
sets - The list of sets to be added: SET QTY, SET QTY, etc
setlist_id - The ID of the user's set list to add to (optional)

Output data with fields:

  • N/A - Successfully added the indicated number of sets
  • Error Codes:

  • INVALIDKEY - The API Key is invalid
  • INVALIDPASS - Invalid user email or password
  • INVALIDHASH - The hash key does not match a user/password
  • NOUSER - The user could not be found
  • Test Values

    API Key:
    User email:
    User password:
    User hash:
    Set List ID:

    Test Results