New BrickLink + BrickOwl Integration

For the last couple of months, I have been working closely with BrickLink and BrickOwl to improve the user experience when buying LEGO parts. The results from this work has now been made available for Rebrickable users.

Bricksafe Upgrades

Almost two years after launching Bricksafe, I have just completed a huge upgrade. Actually, it's a complete rebuild using different technologies and hardware using everything I've learnt about web development in the last few years.

2014 Year in Review

I didn't do a birthday post in August this year, instead I decided to switch to calendar year annual updates. Rebrickable's third year saw lots of user growth, lots of new functionality, and lots of data improvements.

Site Updates - November

We have certainly had a busy November. For the first time in Rebrickable's 3 year history, I have had another developer help me with code changes. As a control freak, this was pretty nerve wracking at first. However, unlike myself, Jantjeuh is a professional web developer who has also been a Rebrickable Inventory Admin for the last 4 months and at the start of November started helping me fix my dodgy code. Surprisingly he didn't run away screaming after seeing it :) He has been invaluable in refactoring a lot of code to make it easier to maintain and helping me switch to better web development workflows like using git. Thanks Jantjeuh!

Site Updates - October

October had quite a few fixes as usual, plus one major new feature in the Buy Sets page. We also saw a record number of users on the site with 100K+ unique users and 1M+ page views which is nearly twice the number from October last year.

Buying LEGO Sets - New Feature

I have just released a new feature that I wanted to write a bit more about than the usual monthly quick update. There is now a new Buy Sets page accessible from the main Sets menu that lists all the known pricing data for each official LEGO set. This data to date has been obtained from Amazon and the LEGO Online Shop. All pricing data is updated daily.

Minifig Part Number Changes

Due to a number of issues with the current method of naming and describing minifig parts, we are looking at making some changes.

Site Updates - September

There were a huge number of small fixes and tweaks made in the last month, but no really big user features. I mostly concentrated on fixing known problems and tweaking existing features. I also spent some time beefing up the tools used by the admin team to make their life easier.

Site Updates - August

August was a busy month for me both on and off Rebrickable, but there has been plenty of changes.

Site Updates for July

During July I focused on fixing a lot of the small nagging problems. I also spent some time on improving performance of many aspects of the site, as well as cleaned up a lot of code to make things easier to maintain.

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