70313 Moltor's Lava Smasher [Photo Review]

Behold the unstoppable power of Moltor's fists!

70312 Lance's Mecha Horse [Photo Review]

Do blue horses exist? Certainly, but only if it is a mecha horse.

31044 Park Animals [Photo Review]

Parks in LEGO City have become a dangerous place crawling with wild animals and homeless dogs!

Lego Architecture 21026 Venezia Review

When i first heard about this model i knew i had to get it, becouse, well, it happens that i live in Venice and it's not an everyday thing that Lego releases an architecture set of your city! Seeing the Saint Mark lion printed on a brick gave me a really funny feeling!

Mixel Fight: Paladum vs Trumpsy

Behold the epic battle of two offsprings of psychedelic dreams: Paladum and Trumpsy!

Holy 76052-1 Batman™

So, it's finally here. Announced on the 50th Anniversary of the classic 60's show it's LEGO™'s Batman™ Classic TV Series - Batcave.

Review - 71203 LEGO Dimensions Portal 2 Level Pack

The Portal 2 Level Pack is an expansion to the LEGO Dimensions game. It's one of four such level expansion packs available at this time.

Review - 21304 Doctor Who

Doctor Who is the latest from the LEGO Ideas line of sets. The original submission was in Feb 2014 and included some variations and alternate possible Doctors. The final design chose to include two Doctors (but only one companion), and was pretty faithful to the original idea. It includes the detachable Tardis and interior control console.

Review - 71173 LEGO Dimensions

LEGO Dimensions is a console game with physical LEGO parts. There was a big marketing campaign around it, given it's tie-ins with lots of other franchises including Back To The Future, Portal, The Simpsons, Lord of The Rings, Jurassic World and many more. 71173 is the XBox 360 Starter Pack, there is an equivalent starter pack for a number of other games consoles.

Review - 10249 Toy Shop

So since we are approaching Christmas, let's get in the mood with the review of this year Winter Village, Advanced Model set: 10249: Toy Shop. This is part of a tradition of yearly seasonal cute winter village buildings dating back to 2009, including such gems as the 10235: Winter Village Market and last year wonderful 10245: Santa's Workshop. But as many of you already know, this set kind of break the tradition, as it is not a brand new model but instead a re-release of the first one of the series, 10199 Winter Village Toy Shop. Have we entered a loop of re-releases of winter sets? Or was it just a lazy year for Lego? Only time will tell, but surely many Lego enthusiasts expecting a new set were not pleased by this turn of events.

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