Rebrickable v3 - Preview/Testing

As previously announced, I have spent most of the last year on completely rebuilding Rebrickable from scratch. I am now opening up the testing site for access to everyone, please take a look around and try it out!

2016 - Year In Review

Numbers time! Rebrickable has been running for five years now, and 2016 was an extremely busy time for me.

Rebrickable v3 Update

About 6 months ago I announced that a completely new Rebrickable is on it's way. I've been hard at work making that happen, and we are getting closer.

LEGO Remake

Back in 2014, I met with LEGO to talk about Rebrickable and throw around some ideas for making something awesome together. The one thing that stood out for them was how Rebrickable highlights the value of alternate builds - i.e. MOCs that can be built from just a single official set. With the Rebrickable Build calculations making these MOCs stand out with 100% matching results, they have proven very popular among users. For the last ~6 months, I have been working closely with a select few Rebrickable designers and a small group within LEGO to build out a new website. Now finally, after 2 years, we have something to show for this effort – LEGO Remake.

Rebrickable LEGO Shopper App for iOS

It's taken four months, an iMac for development, an iPad for testing, stealing my sister's iPhone for testing, incorporating a GST registered company, and one app store rejection, but I have finally managed to get the Rebrickable LEGO Shopper app into the Apple App Store! However, I had to rename it to Rebrickable Shopper for LEGO to make the Apple Review team happy :/

Rebrickable v3 - Coming (not) Soon!

For the last few months I have been working on the next major release of Rebrickable. That's a bit of an understatement actually - I'm rewriting every single aspect of the site from scratch! I'm calling it Rebrickable v3.

2015 - Year In Review

Rebrickable has been running for four years now, with 2015 seeing plenty of growth.

Rebrickable LEGO Shopper App for Android

I’m very excited to announce the release of my first mobile app – the Rebrickable LEGO Shopper.

Top MOC Competition

It's been a while since we ran a competition. So to make up for that, we have come up with something a bit different. The new Top MOC Competition will be a continuous month-by-month award to the most liked MOC on Rebrickable. To make this as fair (and automated) as possible, the rules are a little different to normal...

New Feature - Follow Designers

So I haven't written about updates in a while, although I'm continuously tweaking things here and there. I've added a new feature that should have been there a long time ago. You can now "follow" designers and be notified when they submit MOCs. This is separate to the usual notifications for any MOCs that match your build threshold criteria.

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