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Sets: 4
Total Parts: 2868
Color Matching: Close
Ignoring: Non-LEGO Parts

LEGO Set 8142-1 - Ferrari 248 1:24 (Vodafone stickers)

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Missing Parts

These are the additional parts you need to build the chosen set. Often, you can use alternative parts if you don't have these available. Pieces marked with "Rare" exist in 5 official LEGO® sets or less.

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1x 3708
1x 3737
1x 2419
1x 47715
1x 3004
1x 2456
2x 75535
2x 42022
2x 2723
2x 4510
4x 44301a
4x 58090
1x 4070
1x 2446
3x 43723
3x 43722
4x 4623
1x 4162
1x 3626bpr0369
2x 3069b
1x 2447
4x 55982

Other Sets to Consider

If you don't have the above missing parts (or suitable replacement parts), you could try buying them individually from BrickLink. Or alternatively, look at buying from the following complete sets which will provide them: