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  2. Yes! it works now. The sorting order was apparently working since they come out in the same order but I can now see the prices. Are the prices supposed to be right in this data? Because there are some ludicrous ones in my parts.
  3. Probably sounds like an odd question. I was recently given an unexpected $500 bonus and it is burning a hole in my pocket! 8-) The wife is cool with being spent on bricks, so now the trouble I am having is which set (or sets) do I want to buy. For several years, I have been feeding my Lego love through supporting my kids with with various Lego sets until about 2 years ago, when I requested some Technic for Christmas. Since then, I have been on a mission to amass as much Technic as I can, to make up for 25 year gap. lol. I am huge fan official Lego Technic sets (and MOC's), but the Disney Castle set is REALLY compelling. It is just an iconic set. I am interested what set(s) you would buy if you had a chance. (you can check out my Rebrickable profile to see what sets I already own) Here is the short list so far. The Disney Castle, 71040 Bucket Wheel Excavator, 42055 Slave 1, 75060 LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, 31313 (going to pass on the Porsche, I am sure it is great build, but I am not a fan of the front body styling at all) Thanks for your input.
  4. Wow. I remember these. I used to have a red one too, then they were moved to cloth sack that functioned as large tote bag/sack, and play mat when spread out on the floor. Pretty ingenious actually.
  5. Hi Dennis, I've added the minifig parts and another missing part. I'll get to the spare parts after BL daily maintenance. Thanks for the info and +1 Reputation Point to you.
  6. Hi, In reading the forum postings it looks like it is acknowledged that some of the Batman sets are still in progress. This set isn't Batman, but it is a Superheroes set so it might fall into the WIP category as well. Anyway, I noticed that the minifig parts are not all showing for this set: Only the two sets of pants and the goblin headpiece are listed, but not the heads or torsos. From BrickLink, the minifig codes are sh248 and sh249. Thanks, Dennis
  7. Is anyone else having trouble importing set inventories from Brickset? I have tried both Import from Website -> Brickset My Sets and Sync Sets FROM Brickset which always results in an invalid username/password error. I have also tried importing a Brickset CSV file which results in a Could not find Part/Color/Set Number field in file error. Thanks.
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  9. It's not on our available list yet, and no one is doing an inventory on it. If you have the set in hand, you can submit it.
  10. Apologies if this set is still in the backlog of new sets, It certainly doesn't seem to be in the database yet. It is currently available free from the LEGO Shop in the UK with any Nexo Knights purchase. Code - 30378-1 Title - Shrunken Headquarters Released - 2017 Theme - Nexo Knights here's the brickset link: and the bricklink one:
  11. Awesome! Thanks! I actually have Case 2 from 1985.
  12. Ok, so now the top bar works as intended, and the width options seems to do something, not sure what they are doing though. The #width 2 seems to be the same as # width 3. Also, the 2K, 3K and 4K is looking the same as the #width 2 and 3 options as well. As full width is working great, that's what I'm going to use. As I said about the drop down menu in the parts filters, I actually prefer the look of what Safari (or chrome on mac) is showing (this is on the "Has appeared in color" option). If you could make the "Part category" option similar would be great! Lastly about the notifications, yes, I meant from this forum (oops).
  13. Menus updated
  14. Wow, that's actually quite a surprise, haha. No idea why it works, but if it works...
  15. The span worked, no extra css required @ThinkCleverAndSmart I still can't reproduce the width issue, it works fine on my wife's Mac too.
  16. Will revisit after v3 release.
  17. I have some ideas on this, but will wait to after v3 is released.
  18. It appears under the search icon (better now, instead of overlapping). Also fixed a bunch of tablet/mobile issues with it.
  19. It looks way better already. I think there's still a little room for improvement, but then again, I'm no webdesigner at all and I may just be plain wrong. But, like I said, it looks much, much better already
  20. Maybe later when I'm revisiting the filters. And only if I can find good icons for all the other possibilities too (same code used for sets etc).
  21. The part popups have been updated and include external links now. Country/Currency are defaulted based on IP address but you can change it with the links in the top navbar. This sets a cookie on your device which will be reused next time you use that device. If you logon from a new device, it will default back to IP settings. I think showing that would cause confusion with the set's boxed price. You can determine the part-out-price yourself by adding the parts to a new custom list and getting the price from there.
  22. I've changed it so that it now lists the sets you have lost the part from when clicking the part on the Lost Parts page. To edit the lost part quantity/status you need to click the part in the inventory of the actual set it is lost from.
  23. Sorry, not changing this now.
  24. I've added a High Contrast personalisation option which changes the text colors. See how that goes.
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