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  1. Hi, In reading the forum postings it looks like it is acknowledged that some of the Batman sets are still in progress. This set isn't Batman, but it is a Superheroes set so it might fall into the WIP category as well. Anyway, I noticed that the minifig parts are not all showing for this set: Only the two sets of pants and the goblin headpiece are listed, but not the heads or torsos. From BrickLink, the minifig codes are sh248 and sh249. Thanks, Dennis
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  2. BabasCustomLegoCreations

    about the dull colours

    i like the new layout it looks so clean! but i think it would look so much better if the greens and yellows would be more bright and less dull... maybe i am not the only one who thought this?
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  3. sheo

    Parts lists

    Category sorting of loose part lists is very useful in v2. To see all parts of a certain category, one just needs to quickly scroll the page and open corresponding category tab. To see parts in a different category, one just needs to open its tab on the same page. In the new design, one needs to scroll page and click "Toggle Top/All" (every time!) to even see the titles of all part categories. Then one needs to click the category title and wait for the page to reload. To change the category that has been selected, one needs to remove the filter first, wait for the page to reload, then click "Toggle Top/All" again, select the new category and wait for the page to reload again. Moreover, even when the category is selected, not all parts are shown on one page (and there is no option to change the number of shown parts), so more clicks and reloads are needed to find the needed part. To conclude, part lists in v2 have a unique layout that allows one to access the entire parts collection on a single page. In v3, a dozen of clicks and several page reloads are required to find a single part in the collection. Doesn't seem like an improvement.
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  4. Bobflip

    Error 500 when uploading BSX parts list + minor FR

    On Chrome/Mavericks. Tried with both drag and drop and with going through the Select a File button. It appears to be processing the file as the spinning logo is shown at the bottom of the window, but afterwards the Error 500 message appears. Not sure if it's because BSX isn't currently supported (it's not mentioned in the Suggested Formats text) or there's an issue elsewhere as I can't save out of Brickstock in another format to test. Also a minor feature request - would it be possible to change the spinning logo to a progress bar? Always nice to see that info when uploading larger files :-)
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  5. thea

    Newest MOCs?

    The beta version MOC list will stay the same unless Nathan decides to rebuild the database one more time in beta. When the v2 information is transferred to the actual release version 3, v2 will no longer be available, and it will be updated regularly in v3 from that time forward.
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  6. thea

    Help finding set

    Take a look at these and see if any match yours. I have the case15 with the sticker and it was sold separately from any set. http://www.bricklink.com/catalogList.asp?catType=&catID=399&itemYear=1984&searchName=Y&searchNo=Y&q=&catLike=W
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  7. sheo

    Tabs on part popups

    How about that? All elements retain their original scale (except for the oversized part picture), although some white space was removed.
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  8. sheo

    Newest MOCs

    I think that 4 MOCs on the front page is not enough considering that Rebrickable usually has more than 4 MOCs approved everyday. Of course, more MOCs can be found by following that tiny "show more" link or by any other method, but the MOCs on the front page receive more attention. Besides, if this section of the front page doesn't show all of the most recent MOCs, then what's its purpose?
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  9. sheo

    Text sizes

    There is a large difference in text sizes on the pages of the new site - from extremely huge bold titles to extremely small and hard to read notes. Moreover, texts with significantly different sizes are often placed near each other, which makes them look like Gulliver among the Lilliputians.
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  10. soundguymike

    MOC created with wrong parts list

    I found where to change it. For future refrence to anyone else there is a drop down menu link in the parts inventory section called import/export options.
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  11. Qrystal

    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    So I've been working my way through the preliminary parts listing for set 60152, and I found that Rebrickable does not have a yellow one of this shape: http://rebrickable.com/parts/18671 The Lego element ID for the yellow version is 6170184 and I also found it here: http://www.brickowl.com/catalog/lego-yellow-brick-with-plate-2-x-3-x-1-1-3-18671 Is there additional information I can seek out in the future, if I find another part that doesn't exist here?
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  12. elaborobot

    How long does take to approval a new set?

    Hi, I confirm that my set came from a sealed box (FLL send to me because I am a coach from FLL). I download the PDF with all the parts from FLL webpage and I used that document as a guide. I didn't know 'Bricklink' until now, but I see that at Bricklink the tyres-wheels count as one piece, and here count as two: the core and the soft-cover (I don't know these names in English, sorry); perphas the difference is here, or also in others decoratives pieces as the parrot: here I set the two parts while in Bricklink are set in only one. Even the minifigures, I set here in all the several parts they formed the minifigure... The difference is about 30 pieces, well enaught with about 15 tyres, the two minifigures, the parrot and others elements... so you can be sure that the inventory at Rebrickable is perfect. The document can be found at http://www.firstlegoleague.org/past-challenges
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  13. Please move part 25892 from Other to Minifig Accessories. Please move part 25974 from Other to Minifig Accessories. Additionally, remove obsolete Bricklink ID bb735. Thanks!
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  14. thea

    Please Report Any Missing Or Incorrect Sets Here

    We can take a look to see if the Batman Movie Sets are available for download from lego. It's really much easier for us to do that, and then get your help in making any corrections based on what is actually in the box. There are lots of new sets available right now, and we're getting to them as fast as we can. Your help and patience is really appreciated.
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  15. sheo

    Incorrect part substitution during LDD imports

    When I tried to import an LDD model into a private MOC, parts 4162 were automatically changed to 4162pr0050.
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  16. biodreamer

    Help with missing missing [sic] parts?

    do you have ignore molds checked? maybe you have alternate parts that the engine uses in one step but not the other.
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  18. Babbel-Technica

    Strange Z24 Gear In My Collection

    Sorry didn't had the time to look clooser at an earlier time, just looked at them. If you look close to the gear you can see that it is the 24505 that is an updated mold with a new Lego part number. I have 6 of them so they are in a few sets of 2016 i did buy, i have to check my Porsche GT-3 for more of them. I think only in the second wave of sets in 2016, that is also the amount i have from the 42054 + 42055 i think i have 1 used in a moc(several moc's are build on this moment) So it has nothing to do with China, just a new ore updated mold, so all new sets have to get the new part number 24505.
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  19. thea

    Build Option For Minifigs Only?

    I think so too! But...It won't happen in v3. This is a bricks and plates(especially Technic ones ) kind of site. I've managed to infiltrate it, and get some minifig stuff past the bouncer at the door. Just give me a little more time.
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