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  1. I know this post is from 2 years ago, but that is painful when you are making a csv file for 101 sets...
  2. Like Darren, I too was having difficulty trying to upload csv file. I REALLY did not want to have to manually add 101 sets... I will try your steps. Thanks for posting them. The pinned link at the top of the form is helpful, but it leaves out the details for importing if you didn't use the other 3rd party brick sites/tools.
  3. Hi there, I purchased and downloaded the Rebrickable opp for IOS, and it is very nice app. I understand there is some connection with our rebrickable account here, as the app is able to calculate what percentage of parts I have in my set lists to build the set I have scanned (or entered in on the search bar, but it would be nice if we could also uploaded the set to one of our set lists as well. This would be especially handy when we acquire new sets, we could scan the bar-code, or enter the set list into the app, and add it to one of our set lists. Keep up the great work.