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  1. Ok, that clears things up. Thanks!
  2. I was previewing a set inventory when a blue wheel hub came up. It was listed in white but did not say similar image at all. Is this something I have to get used to?
  3. Ok, thanks for answering and keep up the good work!
  4. Hi, When I click the forum button in v3, the link does not take me anywhere. Is the v3 forum up yet? Here is the address:
  5. Looks great! This may be silly, but possibly more arches by the stands?
  6. Hi, Are there going to be mare competitions anytime soon because I missed out on the top MOC competition? -TechnicRCRacer
  7. Yay! This will be awesome.
  8. Thanks! I never thought to check my GT3 or my Excavator.
  9. That would be cool! There could be an option where you could sort parts by color or type. It also takes a long time for me to find parts.
  10. I did research and still couldn't find the gear.
  11. also image 1 model 1 is from 4574-1.
  12. image 1, model 3 is 8242-1 (or what's left of it)
  13. I have added an image of all 4. I did not get this in a set. I got it in a LEGO meeting with a building part and it came in bags directly from LEGO. Use the previous link. I also noticed that this gear is not shiny because of the different soft plastic.
  14. I checked the part, but I already have all three other variations in my collection. This one has very deep injection prints and is made of softer plastic.
  15. Set 8366 could work, but it is kind of expensive due to the RC system.