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  1. Take a look at these and see if any match yours. I have the case15 with the sticker and it was sold separately from any set.
  2. It didn't take as long as I thought it might. You can check out the answers from 2 of the people who did the peeron inventories and my own research in this BrickLink thread. Rebrickable's Build Function uses the parts needed to build a model using the Set Instructions, so I'm inclined to add the 3rd radio as an extra. However, I'll give it a few days to let others add their opinions here.
  3. I'll put this on my research list. It may take awhile to get back to you.
  4. Right now the biggest minifig challenge is getting the parts into the sets. We have difficulty getting the info we need from at this time of year because that department shuts down from about mid-December to February 1st. One of the hurdles that has to be overcome is the 'p' for parts at rebrickable vs 'm' for minifigs designations at other sites. Work is going slowly on this because it is low priority. Nathan has created a new category Non-Buildable Figures, and I've been populating it with Duplo Figures that have been sorted out into their individual printed part numbers. We'll be using these to do some tests once v3 problems have been corrected.
  5. Can you provide a picture showing where you want to make the changes? It's hard for me to know where you are trying to change, because I'm an Admin and can make changes anywhere.
  6. Part 41752 began to be phased out about the time set 9580-1 was being produced. It's possible that the person who inventoried the set had the yellow belts on part 41752 and you had them in cardboard. If anyone else has this set and can give us a vote for the cardboard, I'll be happy to remove the 41752 from the set.
  7. Thanks for the picture. Set 9580-1 is not a set that you submitted. It was part of the initial database taken from peeron and bricklink. 41752 is the part that would hold the yellow belts (85546) that are in the set. Most people consider it waste.
  8. I looked at the 5 sets you submitted. None of them have a 41752 in the inventory. Please provide the set number and the color of the part. A picture would be helpful.
  9. I haven't used a mouse for a long time. I was talking to my son about the "ladybug design" mouse I had years ago, and my granddaughter pipes up with, "Granma, a mouse would poop in your computer and mess it up!"
  10. The Toy Soldier set was pending approval. I've approved it even though it is missing some parts. Things classified as Gear without building parts, like the Salt and Pepper set, don't fit into the main purpose of Rebrickable. Admins don't look for these kinds of sets, but if someone submits the Set, it might be added.
  11. Nathan does all the MOC approvals and he is spending a lot of time on the new rebrickable version 3. Kudos and a Reputation point to you for solving your problem.
  12. I've approved the set. Don't worry about any color errors. New colors take up to 24 hours to become recognized by the database. The set is temporarily marked incomplete because we can't get information and images on the printed 45677 directly from lego.
  13. I haven't found a way to change that part of the mapping.
  14. Thanks very much for all the helpful information and your work as a FLL coach.
  15. Thanks for your submission. At the present time we are taking longer to get sets approved because of the large number of new 2017 sets. I did look at 45801-1 at Bricklink. Their inventory total is much less than yours. Can you please verify that your inventory came from a sealed box?