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  1. So I decided to try the build search in v3. I opened build options, scrolled the page and checked each of the options. When I got to the last one, I got confused because there was no build button! The problem is that in v3 the build button remains above the list of build options and goes out of sight when user scrolls the page to set the options. v2: v3:
  2. It seems that v3 doesn't show part usage section on part pages for parts only used in MOCs. Compare:
  3. Please bring back the popups with part usage in sets and MOCs! I just want to be able to quickly check where a certain part came from, I don't want to go to a new page every time I need this information.
  4. The filter to skip unused parts in part searches works incorrectly: It seems that the filter takes MOCs into account, which is not right considering that some MOCs use non-existing parts in non-existing colors.
  5. I suggest adding an alternative layout for part lists with category and color lists aligned horizontally. This option would be more comfortable when wide page options are used in personalization settings i.e. on widescreen monitors. Current appearance: Alternative layout suggestion: Also, make the lists of categories and colors always present, with selected options being highlighted. An option to select multiple categories/colors at once would be also useful.
  6. Currently there are only text descriptions of categories and colors in the "Drill Downs" section of part lists. Please add icons of categories and colors!
  7. When I open the "My Part Lists" link from the main menu, no part list is selected by default. Therefore, when I click any part in attempt to edit my inventory, no editing options are shown in the part popup, which is quite frustrating. Please add an option to select one of the part lists to show by default. Besides, there is also "All My Parts" link in the main menu, which shows all parts from all part and set lists.
  8. This feature actually works in v2, at least when using the "Add to your Bricklink Wanted List" option. Anyway, this feature is definitely worth keeping in v3.
  9. OK, my specifications: Windows 10 / Chrome, screen resolution is 1920x1200. Maybe your screen resolution is higher than that excessive width.
  10. Considering that editing of lists is very difficult and slow now, this button may be more helpful than before. I used it a lot when studying the missing parts of a private MOC to separate parts that I can't change from parts that I can avoid in my model.
  11. Yes, sir! However, I still hope that the main menu will be reorganized and the submenus will be removed.
  12. Tiny bug: the following two buttons on part popups aren't vertically aligned.
  13. In my opinion, the clarification is not needed at all. But if someone really needs that clarification, it should be perfectly clear.
  14. Minor issue: on part popups, links to part pages have an additional clarification "See Part Details page". However, part popups themselves are called "Part Details". Therefore the clarification only causes confusion.