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  1. Suggestion: keep the animation only on the front page and disable it on other pages (keep menu collapsed all the time). This way everyone will have the chance to enjoy your creativity on the front page, and the animation won't annoy users browsing sets/MOCs/inventories.
  2. First of all, the header of the site seems to have two menu ribbons (white and black), which is quite confusing. Then, the black menu contains annoying submenu chain "My LEGO > My Profile > Profile ...". Finally, there are quite a few duplicate links in these menus:
  3. Category sorting of loose part lists is very useful in v2. To see all parts of a certain category, one just needs to quickly scroll the page and open corresponding category tab. To see parts in a different category, one just needs to open its tab on the same page. In the new design, one needs to scroll page and click "Toggle Top/All" (every time!) to even see the titles of all part categories. Then one needs to click the category title and wait for the page to reload. To change the category that has been selected, one needs to remove the filter first, wait for the page to reload, then click "Toggle Top/All" again, select the new category and wait for the page to reload again. Moreover, even when the category is selected, not all parts are shown on one page (and there is no option to change the number of shown parts), so more clicks and reloads are needed to find the needed part. To conclude, part lists in v2 have a unique layout that allows one to access the entire parts collection on a single page. In v3, a dozen of clicks and several page reloads are required to find a single part in the collection. Doesn't seem like an improvement.
  4. Additional white space is added after long comment branches:
  5. There are a lot of empty spaces between sections in the right sidebar on part/set/MOC pages.
  6. "My profile" submenu goes off screen when "Full width" option is used: The same applies to the "Products" submenu in "Other" menu.
  7. I tweaked the size of each picture so that it would be the smallest possible while retaining the mold details. Now they are terribly oversized. v2: v3:
  8. Hey, you've broken my mold pictures! They're all stretched now. Text formatting is also distorted. Neat mold note in v2: Messed up note in v3:
  9. Also, is it possible to add a "Load more parts" button so that we could load more parts on the same page instead of switching pages?
  10. At least you can move that help information on the edit tab to the popup linked to a question mark. There's no need to show it every time.
  11. I find that part popups in v2 are a perfect tool to quickly access and edit most vital information about given part. It is reasonable that all information is provided immediately after the popup is opened. In contrast, part popups in v3 hide all of the part information in tabs. Therefore one needs more time and additional clicks to accomplish tasks that were done instantly using the old popups. For example, in v2 I can quickly check how many parts I have just by opening the part popup from any set/MOC inventory page. In v3, I need to switch tabs. In v2, I can quickly delete a part from a parts list just by opening the popup and pressing a big red button. In v3, I need to switch tabs first. Surprisingly, the size of the new tabbed popups is even bigger than before. It just seems that all the vital information was replaced with empty space.
  12. Thanks! Waiting for the popups.
  13. As Babbel-Technica has discovered, there is no links to other catalogs (Bricklink, Peeron, LDraw) on part pages if external mappings are identical to Rebrickable's part ID. Also there is no links to other catalogs on part popups, which was quite useful in v2. I could proceed to Bricklink's part page from any inventory page on Rebrickable.
  14. So much for the feedback! Could you change at least this, please?
  15. Is there a real use of the large version of the menu aside from unstoppable creativity?
  16. I don't see why it may be confusing. I only see that every inventory operation in v3 is greatly slowed down compared to v2.
  17. Please make them black, they are already easy noticeable.
  18. Profile page has misleading blue text without hyperlinks. Will they be added later?
  19. Looks quite reasonable now, thanks!
  20. I think that 4 MOCs on the front page is not enough considering that Rebrickable usually has more than 4 MOCs approved everyday. Of course, more MOCs can be found by following that tiny "show more" link or by any other method, but the MOCs on the front page receive more attention. Besides, if this section of the front page doesn't show all of the most recent MOCs, then what's its purpose?
  21. I'm a MOC designer, and I have a few approved MOCs, so where are they? In v2, they are right on my homepage: In v3, they are buried deep in the submenus:
  22. My initial topic about text size issues was archived too early, so I'm starting another one. There are still a lot of instances of texts with significantly different sizes and styles placed near each other, so here are some of the examples: Part page: Part popup: