get_set_parts vs. get_user_parts Part dataset inconsistencies

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I noticed that the part data returned by get_set_parts and get_user_parts calls doesn't contain the same set of information.

For example get_set_parts returns the human readable color_name, while the get_user_parts only lists rb_color_id which needs another lookup.

Another one is that get_user_parts gives you the part_url but get_set_parts doesn't.


It would be nice if both calls returned the same (preferably richer) dataset.

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Yes, I realise it's a bit inconsistent. I'm not going to be making any more changes to that API as the next version of it will be released very soon. If you can wait a month or so I'd recommend waiting for the v3 API. If you'd like to help me with beta testing it let me know, now is a great time to add anything I'm missing before releasing it to everyone.

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