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Help Topic: How to Buy LEGO Parts

Rebrickable does not sell any LEGO parts directly. We link out to specific vendors that sell the LEGO parts. We have a full list of these stores' inventory and so will only list stores that have relevant stock.
There are several places that you can buy parts from on Rebrickable:
  1. Buy individual parts from a Parts Detail page (example 3005)
  2. Buy all parts in a Set or MOC from a Set page (example Mars Rover)
  3. Buy only the parts you are missing from a Set or MOC from a Build page (example Truck)
  4. Buy all parts in a Private MOC, where you can create an arbitrary list of parts.
On each of these pages you will see a box similar to the following.
The stores are listed in the order that have the most requested parts in stock, with cheapest first. Next to each store name are the details of how many of the parts they have in stock and the total price for those parts. Note that some stores also sell Used parts which you can include by clicking the "Show New+Used Parts" link at the top right.
Bricklink is an online martketplace where thousands of stores sell individual lego parts and/or sets. If a single store does not have all the parts you need, you can use Bricklink's features to search for other stores. There is a separate guide to help you with buying from Bricklink.
BrickOwl is a great alternative online marketplace with hundreds of stores. It is more modern than BrickLink and easier to use, but has fewer stores although it is growing rapidly. It has improved features such as single-click add to shopping carts, and automated calculation of shipping fees.
There are other stores which run on their own websites, such as ToyPro. Similar to BrickOwl, these sites also have automated shopping carts.
Clicking on a store name will take you to that store's site where you can buy the parts. If there is an "Add to Cart" link for a store, click that to automatically add all the parts to your cart there.