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Help Topic: Becoming a Parts Vendor

What is a Parts Vendor?

Rebrickable does not sell any LEGO parts directly. We link out to specific vendors that sell the LEGO parts. We have a full list of these stores' inventory and so will only list stores that have relevant stock. See more details around how to buy parts here.
Parts Vendors are listed on various pages throughout the site where it is possible to buy parts - either one at a time or in bulk. Getting your store included in this list means thousands of people will see your store every day, and hundreds of clicks to your store per month. This is a great way to advertise your shop.

What is required?

If you run a BrickOwl or Bricklink store, you are all ready to go. Bricklink store owners should contact us, but BrickOwl store owners can get added automatically via their settings panel. If you run your own store, you need to be able to supply a JSON-formatted data feed of your inventory via a URL. Please contact us for more details.

How does it work?

You will notice two different methods of buying parts in the list of vendors:
  1. For Bricklink stores there is simply a "View Store" link which takes the user to that store. They are then required to upload their wanted list to buy their parts (explained here).
  2. For BrickOwl and custom stores there is a lot more flexibility and you will generally see a "Add X parts to Shopping Cart" link which takes the user to the store's site and pre-populates their shopping cart with all the parts they were after. This greatly increases your store's conversion rate.

Once setup, you will have access to an admin page where you can modify details of your store, open/close it, update your inventory etc. You will also have access to lots of statistics around how many views/clicks your store has received, how you are ranking against other vendors, information on which parts you might be missing out on sales for, etc.

What does it cost?

Every new vendor can trial this service for the first month for free :) Ongoing, there are two options available:
  1. Referral Rate - a small percentage of your store's sales. This is the preferred option where possible as it ensures you are only charged when you make a sale. If you do not sell anything, there is no charge. Note however that this option is only possible if you can track where visitors to your store have come from. This is applicable for BrickOwl and Custom stores.
  2. Flat Fee - a small monthly fee that is tiered based on the size of your store. This is currently the only option available to Bricklink store owners due to its inability to track referrals.

How do I get started?

Contact the webmaster Nathan to arrange details.