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Help Topic: Submitting a MOC

What is required?

To get your MOC added to Rebrickable for everyone to see, there are three main things you need:
  1. MOC Photo
  2. Building Instructions
  3. Parts List
Once you have these, go to the Submit A MOC page and enter the details.

MOC Photo

It goes without saying that a decent image of your MOC is needed. If it is a physical model, please provide a quality photo (i.e. focused!), preferably at least 500x500 in size. If you are using a digital model, a 3D rendering can be used. The LDD to POV-Ray Converter can provide excellent images. LDView can also generate POV-Ray files from MPD/LDR files. Please avoid screenshots of digital models if at all possible. In some cases we may generate a rendered image for you if you are unable to, but expect delays in the submission process when this is required.

Building Instructions

We accept any form of building instructions, as long as it is clear enough for anyone trying to build it. The most commonly used methods are:
  • Photo Sequences - probably the easiest way to generate instructions is to take photos of each step. Since you probably have a completed MOC in front of you and don't remember how it was created in the first place, taking photos of it as you deconstruct it can be just as good when they are played back in reverse! Upload your photos to your favourite photo sharing site (we recommend Bricksafe!). Some good examples are MOC-0996 - siX-wing Starfighter or MOC-0132 - Half Life 2 Charger.
  • Digital Model - this may be an LXF file from LEGO Digital Designer, or MPD from SR 3D Builder etc. These files can be opened in the appropriate software which can take you step by step through the building of the model. They are not always great at generating physically realisable instructions though and are best left for simple builds.
  • Professional PDF - these are generated by using various tools available such as LPub or LEGO Instruction Creator. They look great and are easy to follow for anyone trying to build your MOC. However, they obviously require a much greater effort to create!

Parts List

    To allow users of Rebrickable to build your MOC, you must enter the list of parts in it. There are two main methods to do this:
  • Import - you can import a list of parts from many different file types such as Brickstore, BrickLink and even digital models such as LXF or MPD files. The import process will take care of any conversions required between the different naming systems used between sites, and will even try to intelligently combine certain sub-parts into assemblies where appropriate.
  • Manually - anywhere on Rebrickable that you see a part you can click on it to see a list of actions available. Once you have started the MOC submission process, you will see an extra option to add the part to your MOC. If most of your parts come from a specific set it is usually easiest to open that set and add the parts from there. If your MOC is an alternate build of a set, your best option is to probably export the set's parts and import them into your MOC where you can then manually fine-tune it.

Alternate Builds

If your MOC is an alternate build from a single set, you can indicate this in your submission. These MOCs are highly valued on Rebrickable as they are the most frequently built MOCs due to the fact that a lot of people will already have all the parts necessary. Look for the field "This MOC is a" and choose "Alternate Build" from the drop down. Be sure to enter the set id of the set it is based on. Note that a true alternate build must not use any parts that do not exist in the set. You can click the "Test Alternate Parts" link to ensure you are using the correct parts. Please make sure this test build displays "Missing 0 parts" before submitting your MOC for approval.

Will my MOC be approved?

If your MOC has the three basic components listed above (photo, instructions, parts), it is highly likely you will get approved. The following are the main reasons that MOCs get rejected: 1. The MOC was created by someone else and you do not have permission to submit it. 2. The MOC is trivially simple (micro builds are usually ok if they are inventive).