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Misa_Kulicka (30) 6 hours ago
Here is list of all parts as well as list of just additional parts:
Kanere (114) 7 hours ago
I have a question: the part list contains only parts for the mods or aslo for the crane itself?
Kanere (114) 7 hours ago
Very good! I love the details! I have a question: the fan on the engine moves?
msx (2634) MOC Designer 9 hours ago
The site works, you can see the instruction at the bottom of the page. The head piece of Eris is very big, it's hard to make a spaceship that can hold that, at least at this scale :)
jantjeuh (2306) Set Manager 9 hours ago
Works fine here?
Misa_Kulicka (30) 11 hours ago
Hi, hook at bricklink can be found under 70644, but it is bloody expensive. additional PF parts at brickling: 1 x XL motor(58121c01) 1 x L motor(99499c01) 5 x M motor(58120c01) 4 x IR reciever(58123bc01) 4 x IR controler(58122c01)I personaly prefer just 3 pcs plus 1 pc(64227) for driving and steering 1 x battery box(59510c01) 1 x PF lights(61930c01) 2 x 20 cm extension cable(60656) Hope I did not forget anything. It is a great moc. Built it and then check this, last two thirds of the page:)
thea (1314) 12 hours ago
I posted earlier about the PF items listed at BrickLink under sets. I don't know about the hook because I had one already.
BrickterScale (860) MOC Designer 23 hours ago
Thanks! I appreciate the comment. :)
dulsi (130) MOC Designer yesterday
Web site for this MOC doesn't work. Personally I'd prefer a spaceship that allows Eris to keep her head piece on.
tamey (200) MOC Designer yesterday
Brilliant! Just brilliant! Great idea, and perfectly executed!