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jantjeuh (3385) Set Manager 9 hours ago
Awesome SUV!
jmparis (28) 12 hours ago
Great! You and Sariel are the top 'MOCcers' for me.
bilden23 (58) 17 hours ago
The links for both image and MOC's website do not work, point to http:///
Purge (1731) MOC Designer yesterday (edit yesterday)
I love this design, you have done a great job! The only feedback I could give you would be to reduce the tyre width. By using such large front tyres you increase the amount of bump steer and the torque that the steering motor has to steer. I really love how you incorporated the steering motor into the front of the chassis/body that's really smart!
jantjeuh (3385) Set Manager yesterday
Very impressive in all its simplicity! Thanks for adding this. Another must-build.
jantjeuh (3385) Set Manager 2 days ago
Slowly collecting parts for this beauty, those pearl light gray parts are hard to find :-/
jantjeuh (3385) Set Manager 2 days ago
Changed rims to 44772, as per the pictures.
Nalyd997 (20) 2 days ago
This solves all of my problems! I do not have enough money for the 42030 this is a perfect replacement!
jantjeuh (3385) Set Manager 2 days ago
That looks very good, like an up-to-date successor of 8265. Thanks.
jantjeuh (3385) Set Manager 2 days ago
Very original! Thanks for making instructions.