Details for MOC-4672 - RC De Lorean DMC-12 Time Machine

LEGO Set MOC-4672 - RC De Lorean DMC-12 Time Machine

This custom MOC set was created by Andre Bornemann. See other MOCs by this designer.
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This Model was on my mind since i started building with Lego again.

I started it a couple times but it never reached my expectations... .

But now this is defenetily one of my best MOC's sofar. I love the details and the Mix between Lego System Bricks and Technic Bricks.

What are the functions of the De Lorean DMC-12 Time Machine

First of all, i used 2x SBricks and 2x 88000 Battery Packs. (you can use 2 IR Receiver as well) but then you have to hook up the LED to the L-Motor output.

4 L Motos for driving
1M Motors for precise steering
2M Motor for wing doors and "Mr Fusion" ;)
2 LED as front light and one light in the cabin (you can add more easily)
custom stickers like the Flux capacitor or the license plate (will be on my website for download)
adjustable Seats
independent suspension

it is just fun to build it and play with it

The whole Bodywork can be removed very easy. (modular design)

The pneumatic hose will not be in the part list. ( the length of the hose you need are in the instruction.

Fell free to use different parts or colors at any given time.

I am glad to get some feedback from you guys. :)
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