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LEGO Set MOC-6112 - 24Hour Le Mans full rc

This custom MOC set was created by HL2. See other MOCs by this designer.
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This moc was made starting from the set 42039.
2 includes motors for traction L, 1 L engine for the movements, 1 servo motor for steering, light kit and battery pack.

- 2 front bonnet that open together.
- All the bodywork at the back opens like the original set 42039
- Doors and roof are raised together
- Rear-wheel drive with differential
- Front and rear shock absorbers
- Tires increased compared to the original set
- Added an exchange on the left side to switch options
- Rear wing with adjustable tilt via pneumatic pump
- Headlights
- Easily removable battery pack

In LXF files you are not on the tires increased so I used the original ones, pneumatic parts were replaced for lack of the same, same thing for control switch that is not present in the library of software.

Hope you like it!
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