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LEGO Set MOC-5563 - Streetcar

This custom MOC set was created by HorcikDesigns (MH). See other MOCs by this designer.
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It is driven by 5292 (buggy) motor in the back, directly to wheels from faster output, steering is done by servo, controlled by S-Brick and it's fuel tank is original Li-Po BB.

Front axle has positive caster angle for better steering performance, and it's only gearing is the steering 7L rack and it's (12t) pinion.

Whan you see it, you can see custom stickers, and custom 3D printed rims (my own design). On the rims are original, but cut, LEGO 48×24 ZR tires.

On smoother or slippier surface (wooden floor, for example), it is capable of slightly real-looking drifts. (wait for part two of the video please :) )
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