Among the Lego TECHNIC models that were released in 2015, "TECHNIC 4203924 Hours Race Car" is a model of the Le Mans race car. Not to the name of ‘Race Car’, it turned out to be a manual model without driving motors or a steering motor. Of the other attempts to drive this TECHNIC model, this SUPREME version of motorized TECHNIC 42039 is renovated to have remote-controlled ‘4 +4 + 4’ features including 4 wheel-driving (4WD), 4-speed sequential transmissions and 4 driving motors. The changes and features of the renovated race car are as follows
I.       Mounted drive motors (PF L-motor 4x)
II.      Mounted a steering motor (PF S-motor 1x)
III.     Mounted a gear shifting motor (PF M-motor 1x)
IV.    Mounted a motor for hood opening and closing (PF M-motor 1x)
V.     Introduced a 4-speed sequential gearbox with enhanced durability and efficiency of power transmission enough to climb steep slopes (at the physical limit of LEGO gear parts), and to run the fastest speed as well
VI.    Mounted two PF rechargeable battery boxes
VII.   Mounted two SBRICKs for the remote-control capability
VIII.  While including all of the above features, it maintains major design of the original
42039 model.  *rear fake engine and door open/close functions are removed*
MODORO ([email protected])




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