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LEGO Set MOC-3799 - Volvo L250G Wheel Loader

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This is a scale model of a Volvo L250G front end loader. It was first shown in the 2014. The model has over 1500 parts and features remotely controlled drive, steering and bucket movement. The drive system uses a Power Function L motor and features four wheel drive with pendular suspension on rear axle. Chassis is articulated and steering is achieved through two small Linear Actuators driven by Power Functions M motor. The bucket is elevated by two Linear Actuators, driven by L motor. Tilting is operated by single Linear Actuator driven by M motor. The model is powered by a Power Functions rechargeable battery.
The model is highly accurate featuring a fully detailed cabin with steering wheel, dashboard, and seat. Exterior features many small details like cabin steps, handrails, and mirrors, which makes the model more realistic.
This model does not use rare parts, and many parts used to build it can be found in the 42030 Volvo L350F set. If you have that set, you have a good pile of parts to start building this model.
Step by step instructions are intended for medium advanced builders. Electrical routings and connections are highlited in different colours, making the building process easier. It showns exactly where and how place all electric wires. The instructions are divided into several modules, which include chassis, cab, mudguards, bucket arm, and more.
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