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LEGO Set MOC-0271 - Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover

This custom MOC set was created by Stephen Pakbaz. See other MOCs by this designer.
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This is a model of the Mars Science Laboratory rover, named Curiosity. It is currently on Mars with a mission to investigate the past and current habitability of the Red Planet. On August 5, 2012, it touched down at Gale Crater, near the equator. This model has a fully articulated arm, deployable mast, and a working rocker-bogie suspension system that allows the rover to climb over large rocks and keep all six of its wheels on the ground.

Thanks for your support on LEGO CUUSOO! The rover has reached 10,000 supporters and now has a chance to become an official LEGO set!

The components to create a Sky Crane model are now available. This includes the Sky Crane Stand MOC-0287 and the Descent Stage MOC-0288.

Update: The official Cuusoo set has been released, check out the review here!
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