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LEGO Set MOC-6192 - LEGO Station

This custom MOC set was created by Bjorn Schouten. See other MOCs by this designer.
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Buy MOC Building Instructions
(PDF - Photo Sequence)
This station is not a replica of an existing building.
The station consists of 12609 bricks, the ground and first floor are decorated.
The building is 3 normal baseplates (32x32 studs) wide and 4 long.
When you buy all pieces new via Bricklink, it will cost you about €1500,-.

What do you buy:
- PDF files to build the station step by step.
- List of the bricks you need and the belonging prices. (excel).
- Read me file, with some tips.

When you buy it
I will send you an email with a Wetransferlink. So you can download the files.

After the sale it's not allowed to spread these documents.
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