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LEGO Set MOC-4348 - Lego Technic Aircraft Tug XL

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Machines of this kind is mainly used at airports when towing aircrafts to parking or vice versa - to the runway. I think everyone who has ever been in the large airports, have seen similar tugs. Less a similar technique can be found in seaports or any other freight terminals that require towing heavy loads.
This tug has four-wheel drive by two XL motors, independent steering front and rear axle on two servo motors, lifting mechanism cabin with 1 M motor, as well as a system of four mechanical jacks driven by two motors L or M. Full remote management for that answer 3 infrared receiver, and power models provide two large battery pack located on the sides, and of course, he has V10 on board!
The functional copy of the tractor completely original machine. Videos with real tractors See here and here. The layout of the indoor units I came as close to real.


D / W / H

56/27/15 stud.

445/220/120 mm.

The model is made of 100% Lego parts except stickers - I made them their own. The basis of design I took the logo of the Khabarovsk airport - in the form of a flying bear. In Russia bears do not just walk down the street with balalykas, but also know how to fly :)
Tractor turned quite powerful, as you can see by watching video. In practice, it is able to move from his seat and dragged to drag a weight of not less than 6 kg, as long as the batteries have been good charge :)
I also worked on the detailed cabin from the outside to the inside. Now, in contrast to the previous tractor, the door is open, there is a full salon, which are two fire extinguishers, driver's seat and the passenger, levers, steering wheel, and monitor devices.
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