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LEGO Set MOC-5647 - Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

This custom MOC set was created by scynox. See other MOCs by this designer.
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Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

* 4wheel drive
* independent suspension
* scissors doors
* 4speed sequential gearbox
* orange
* V10 fake engine
* HoG + working steering wheel

size in studs: 58 L, 27 W, 17 H (45.5 L, 22.5 W, 14 H in cm)

(+) Instructions notes
flex axles should be obvious. If not, check images.
blue axles are LEGAL pins that LDD does not put for some reason.
orange 157.5 axle connectors are valid but LDD does not allow.
front axle suspension works fine in real life, I could not connect in LDD.
red gear switch at bottom of car is attached to differential to make car 4wheel drive, in LDD it is floating.
pink pieces are describing how to put rubber band. it should push 3L pink liftarm to knob in 45 degree.
front block and engine covering 15L orange axle requires minor bending to connect. no stress on real life model.
use 7L orange if you dont have 9L, perfectly fine.
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