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LEGO Set MOC-5890 - 42043 Langholzlaster (long timber truck)

This custom MOC set was created by Jens. See other MOCs by this designer.
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Attention! LONG vehicle! 1.25m!

This is my MOD of 42043 Mercedes Benz AROCS.

You will need some additional lego parts to build it and for the load you will need some non lego parts:
- Real wood!
- I used 13 branches of a hazelnut tree, each of them 1m long, straight and thin enough to fit to the Lego truck (Many thankx to my parents for collecting them in a local park!)


Self guiding trailer
- Automatic steering of front axle
- Follows the direction of the truck guided by the posts
- Full suspension of rear axle
- Trailer is connected to the truck only by the timber load (like in real life)
- Trailer can be hooked up on the truck (like in real life)

Pneumatic driven Crane
- folds down compact behind the cabin
- extended range to reach the middle of the timbers for loading them
- lean-on-bar on the middle arm to guide the timbers

Power Functions L-Motor for
- extracting side stabilizers
- turning crane
- pneumatic pump for crane operations

- Manual steering for front wheels
- Full suspension in all axles
- 6 cylinder inline fake engine driven by both rear axles
- Cabin can be tilted
- Doors can be opened

Building instructions
- 371 pages of step by step building instructions in PDF
- Digital 3D model created with MLCad V3.40
- PDF Building instructions created with LPub3D


42043 MB AROCS used as a base for this MOD
- original cabin
- front steering with 1 axle taken from 42043 B-Model
- middle part with side stabilizers
- rear part with double axles
- basic crane design

Optimized stabilizers by efferman
Sunvisor by Marek Markiewicz
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