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LEGO Set MOC-0853 - Ultimate 42009

This custom MOC set was created by Jurgen Krooshoop. See other MOCs by this designer.
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Fully remote-controlled motorized modification for the 42009 Mobile Crane Mk II set. All the essential functions of the crane were motorized, which are:
* Driving (1x XL-motor)
* Steering (1x M-motor)
* Outriggers (1x M-motor)
* Outrigger-legs (1x M-motor)
* Lifting/lowering boom (1x L-motor)
* Extending/retracting boom (1x L-motor)
* Lifting/lowering hook (1x M-motor)
* Upperstructure 360+ degree rotation (1x M-motor)

Funtions that were improved:
* Boom extends further. Max boom-length 96 studs
* Boom retractrs further
* Better steering-lock
* Solid metal hook
* Increased lifting power
* Faster outriggers
* More efficient drivetrains

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