Details for MOC-4565 - Batman Batcave and Wayne Mansion with Power Functions

LEGO Set MOC-4565 - Batman Batcave and Wayne Mansion with Power Functions

This custom MOC set was created by Morphious. See other MOCs by this designer.
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A fully functional Batcave * with Wayne Mansion.


- IR powered Batmobile * Turntable and Cave Entrance opening.
- IR powered Batwing * Launch track.
- IR powered Secret Batlift *.
- External forest and waterfall area to disguise secret entrances.
- Batcave BatComputer * and Supply Rack.
- Open well for ‘Accidentally’ discovering Caves.
- Bi-Fold mansion front wall for internal access.
- Furnished Office, Kitchen, Dining Room, Bathroom, Bedroom and Cinema Room.

Building Notes

- All yellow technical Lego will be hidden can be any colour
- Additional 2 x 8884 Power Functions IR Receiver (Unable to add in Designer)
- Additional 1 x 8885 Power Functions IR Remote Control
- Additional 2 x 8871 Power Functions Extension Wire
- Additional 1 x 54869 Red Light Brick (Unable to add in Designer – Fits into Lift)
- Optional 2 x 8870 Power Functions Light (Unable to add in Designer)
- 3 x 88003 Power Functions L-Motor (Replace motors in designer)
- Loose wings in designer should fit about front door.
- IR Sensors fit inside Batcave *, see photos.

Note the building plan is my best attempt at copying my prototype into LDD, there are some differences due to part availability and simplification.

(* Lego Batman would like to add ‘patent pending’ to all these items)
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