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LEGO Set MOC-4846 - 1:17 scale Lowboy trailer in black

This custom MOC set was created by motomatt. See other MOCs by this designer.
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This is a lowboy trailer with a detachable gooseneck which I built to transport my 8043 excavator. The original version did not utilize suspension and was purely a shelf display model. The parts list here is for version 2 shortened by six studs, which uses shock absorbers and PF lights.

The jeep component can be found here

I used to use a custom version of Ingmar's lowboy trailer to haul my 42030 Volvo Wheel loader, so I utilized the same gooseneck attachment geometry to allow both to be interchangeable. The gooseneck is based on Ingmar's design but is meant to be operated by a hand crank and manually locked in place using an 8L axle with stop.

The instructions and parts list here are for a black version with white and orange side markings which fits well on the back of my I think it could also be easily built in other colors, such as yellow to go along with construction equipment being hauled.
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