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This custom MOC set was created by sheo. See other MOCs by this designer.
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Nuclear Building is a round modular building whose shape resembles a mushroom cloud.

Model characteristics:
→ Building comprises 3 stories and has a height of 40 bricks.
→ Fits into 32 x 32 modular standard and can be put near any other modular building not taller than 28 bricks.
→ Building is equipped with a functional elevator.
→ Model consists of over 4100 parts.

Architectural Features

Instructions sample pages:
Sample Page 1 Sample Page 2

Building tips:
→ Green jumpers 2x2 (87580) are only used to ease the building process and do not appear in the final model. You may choose any color for them.
→ You may omit rare doors 47899c04 and 73194c04.
→ Some of the inverted curved slopes 4x1 may be replaced with inverted slopes 3x1, 3x2 or 2x1.
→ Due to the lack of gear reduction for the motor, you need to reduce its speed. There are two options:
1. Connect the motor directly to a rechargeable battery box and use its speed regulator as suggested in the instructions.
2. Connect the motor to any battery box via IR receiver and use a train remote control.
In both cases engage the lowest speed for comfortable operation of the elevator.
→ Due to the unusual shape of the building, it may be quite intricate to connect different modules together.
→ Please note that the version on the photos differs from the version from the instructions in some details. But fear not, the latter is better while the former is slightly simplified. Anyway, do not rely completely on the photos when building the model.

Additional links:
→ Photo album on flickr
→ Discussion on Eurobricks

Instructions are now free!

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