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LEGO Set MOC-1874 - Terex RH400 Mining Excavator

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This is a Lego model of a large front shovel hydraulic excavator. Terex RH400, the largest machine of its type, was used as a prototype.

The model features a completely studless Technic design. At the same time, it is built in minifigure scale.

Power functions:
1. Remotely controlled functions:
- Driving and steering (XL- and L-motor through subtractor);
- Lifting and bending of the boom (2 L-motors);
- Lifting the bucket (M-motor);
- Opening the bucket (M-motor);
- Rotation of the superstructure (M-motor);
- Lifting the ladder (M-motor).
2. Manually controlled functions:
- Working imitation of diesel engines and fans (M-motor);
- Lights.

In total the model comprises 1 XL-, 3 L- and 5 M-motors, 3 sets of lights, 4 IR receivers and 2 rechargeable battery boxes.

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→ Custom sticker sheets created by jaaptechnic.

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