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LEGO Set MOC-2108 - Egyptian Museum

This custom MOC set was created by STEBRICK. See other MOCs by this designer.
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Egyptian Museum.

The “Egyptian Museum" is the fourth project that I put up for sale. It was designed originally by my friend Simone Galbiati. The first time he showed me the project and asked for some advice on how to make it better, I was really excited to collaborate on this project, to optimize it, change some particular and create instructions to become it an official STEBRICK project.
Thus was born the EGYPTIAN MUSEUM.

By STEBRICK, designed by Simone Galbiati & Stefano Mapelli

The Instructions are divided in 3 Blocks:

A: Entrance
B: First floor
C: Roof

Total Pieces: 4.322 Bricks
 (With full mini fig)

Each floor are fully furnished in a typical Egyptian Museum Style! Let's see some photos!!!

What you’ll get:

- High Quality PDF instructions for each Blocks.

- A “.xml” file to upload on your BrickLink wanted list every necessary pieces to build it and a Total pieces sheet.

- A “Read me file” where I explain to you how it works! Like "How to upload pieces on your BrickLink wanted list".

Some details:
• Width: cm 25,5
• Lenght: cm 38,5
• Height: cm 32

Dimension: (Minifig Scale)

Instruction made with LPub, Project with Ldraw Bricksmith, render by LdView. Every Bricks is been tasted with Lego Digital Design to verify the correct connections between bricks.

You can buy INSTRUCTIONS and the real model or the total pieces 3D FILE AND at my store on BrickLink:

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