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LEGO Set MOC-5078 - Go-Kart Full RC (42048) by metulskie8

This custom MOC set was created by technicbasics. See other MOCs by this designer.
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The Full RC Go-Kart is a replica of the model 42048. With one small difference: This is completely remotely by SBrick. And it's not much different from the original! Here the motors and the battery case were ingeniously installed, so that you can barely see. There is no gearshift in this model, but the remote control is working properly. And the model is very fast! The only drawback: the paneling parts 18944 are not available in white. For this model, they have been specially painted.

Following Parts are not in the partlist:
1x SBrick

Note: The end position of the servo must be set in the SBrick profile settings.
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