Terms and Conditions

MOC Submissions

Once your MOC is published, you have the right to change its content or request its removal. However, you must not publish materials that are copyright-infringing, or inappropriate. While Rebrickable allows some content that would normally not be considered appropriate by The LEGO Group (e.g. military items), we do not allow content that depict: heavy violence, drug use or sexual content.

The admin team may, without warning, remove any content considered to violate these terms.

LEGO Copyright

At no time can you upload or display content that violates The LEGO Group's copyright. This includes images with the LEGO Logo. See here for more details.

Uploaded Content

All content uploaded to Rebrickable (e.g MOC photos), remained owned by the original creator. However, Rebrickable may choose to use images or renders of 3D models in it's advertising material.


You are expected to remain civil and polite in all discussions with Rebrickable admins and other users, for example via comments or change suggestions. Any abuse, use of offensive language or trolling will not be tolerated.

API Usage

The Rebrickable API may be used for any purpose, including commercial. However, it would be highly appreciated if you provide a statement that the data is sourced from Rebrickable.

Images of Sets and Parts may be used on external websites or apps. You can download them or hotlink them, but run the risk of the URL changing in future updates. However, you may not use MOC images without the designer's permission.

Initially there is no throttling of API calls. However, if you cause an issue on the servers due to too many calls, your account may be suspended or throttled until the issue is resolved. Acceptable usage would be no more than 1-2 calls per second.