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'The Fly' - ornithopter

MOC-1469 (124 parts)

AS-11 Dropship

MOC-1362 (45 parts)

Arctic Gym

MOC-3611 (308 parts)

Asteroid Miner

MOC-1169 (200 parts)

Bloody Blade Starfighter

MOC-1154 (45 parts)

Canteen on Coruscant

MOC-1007 (75 parts)


MOC-3795 (64 parts)

Deep Space Playset

MOC-5633 (260 parts)


MOC-3872 (61 parts)


MOC-3798 (59 parts)

Emperor's Order

MOC-1514 (51 parts)

Fire Starfighter

MOC-1421 (239 parts)

Garden Café

MOC-1516 (50 parts)

Hand of the Noble One

MOC-3873 (67 parts)

Headhunters' Skyjumper

MOC-0999 (68 parts)

Heavy Load Carrier

MOC-1768 (116 parts)

ID4-class Alien Striker

MOC-0997 (68 parts)

Junior Spider-Gunship

MOC-1761 (45 parts)

Junior Spider-Jet

MOC-1760 (36 parts)

Junior Spider-Truck

MOC-1759 (44 parts)

Kai Interceptor

MOC-1809 (110 parts)

Kai Nindrone

MOC-1821 (137 parts)

Kai Turbo Speeder

MOC-1811 (135 parts)

Kai X-wing

MOC-1829 (161 parts)

Klingon Hunter Mini

MOC-1185 (58 parts)


MOC-3750 (59 parts)

Light Cargo Shuttlecraft

MOC-1188 (61 parts)