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"The eagle has landed." Today is the 50th anniversary of the first moonlanding. In honor of that event, LEGO has released the 10266-1 - NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander. Today we take a look at this beautiful set.

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For most LEGO sets, we get our inventories directly from LEGO. However, for B-models, sub-sets and small sets, we depend on member input, most importantly for the inventories of such sets. How to select, create and submit inventories for B-models, sub-sets and small sets, that is the main subject of this basic review of set 31088-1 - Deep Sea Creatures

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Friends has been a hit for 7 years now. Does this winning streak continue with the new Summer Wave? We take a look at the 41381-1 - Rescue Mission Boat.

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LEGO Star Wars that is focussed on being played with. Will this work, or will these sets also end up on display?


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Summer is here, for most people that means Sun, Sea, and Se....Sea Creatures! 44 years ago to the day (June 20th) Jaws was released. The movie that changed the industry and created the Summer Blockbuster also tarnished the reputation of a whole species for generations. Jaws inspired me to write this but as I researched it I came across a whole host of great Sea Creature sets that weren't limited to sharks so I expanded the list.

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