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We will be celebrating the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick together with the 86th anniversary of the LEGO Brand. This year is bound to be the year the world's minifigure population will surpass the human population (7.5 billion). The year LEGO will introduce The Powerpuff Girls and reintroduce Jurassic World and Harry Potter. Without any doubt, it is a good year to be a LEGO fan! So to whet your appetite, here is our preview of the first wave of all the new 2018 LEGO sets.

Read More was a site dedicated to selling Building Instructions for MOCs. An old idea but the first site I'm aware of to try and create a dedicated platform just for LEGO MOC instructions. 

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Madoca's Icarus Supercar is a 1:10 scale model of the McLaren P1. Madoca says it's heavily inspired by the McLaren, due to some small differences, but it looks damn close to me. 

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The latest LEGO Ideas set is the NASA Apollo Saturn V. By now, you've probably seen plenty of reviews from those lucky enough to get the set before it sold out. I'm happy to bring you Rebrickable's review of this amazing model.

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In the last month or two I've added many new features and fixes. I'll just mention a few of the new features below.

You can now upload your own photos of MOCs you have built, or modded. This is a great way to show off what you've built, and provides some great feedback to the MOC designer. 

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