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What is my LEGO collection worth? I guess that question has bothered most of us, at some time or other, and it is not easy to answer it. LEGO has many different values, depending on age, condition, and most importantly, the type, being either individual part or complete set. How to determine those values, and what Rebrickable has to offer in assistance, that is the main subject of this basic review of the most simple of LEGO packages; the humble and underestimated polybag.

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In this second review of Brickheadz sets, we delve into history to show you a complete visual overview of the theme, and we take a closer look at Han Solo's furry companion, the Wookiee Chewbacca.

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Rough edged, knuckly midgets with flat faces, no mouth and creapy little hands, and for some reason, everybody loves them. What are these ugly Brickheadz all about?


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How would you like your MOC to appear on LEGO's social media pages such as Facebook or Instagram?

The LEGO Community Team are seeking certain themed MOCs to be featured on their social media pages for special events throughout April and May.

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In Part 1 I covered how to find and buy the parts you will need to build this LEGO SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket. In this post, I will cover the build process and review the actual model.

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