What do we do?

Rebrickable will show you which LEGO sets you can build from the sets and parts you already own. You can choose from official LEGO sets or custom made MOCs (My Own Creations) by many different designers. All MOCs include building instructions, some of which are even better than the official LEGO ones!

For example, Nathanaël Kuipers 2000+ piece Supercar can be completely built from just the 8458 and 8466 Techic sets:


Unless you have a LOT of sets, you will usually be missing a few pieces. In these cases Rebrickable will show you exactly what you are missing and even provide suggested sets that you could buy which will get you those pieces - effectively showing you how to buy two sets for the price of one!

Reuse your parts to build other Sets

Save money on buying LEGO by mixing up your current sets to build others. Rebrickable uses powerful algorithms to calculate what other sets/MOCs you can build from your existing sets and loose parts. If you don't have exactly the right ones, it will show close matches and can perform some fuzzy color matching logic.

Find out what parts you are missing

Did your favourite designer just publish a 1000-part masterpiece but you can't afford to buy all those parts? Use Rebrickable to show you which parts you already have and help you to order the rest.

Build alternate models

There are many MOCs that only use the parts from a single set. For your next LEGO purchase, you might be getting two, three, or even seven models for the price of one! Popular models include 31006, 6913, 6743, 31000, 8048 among many others.

Learn building techniques from expert designers

All MOCs have building instructions, with many of them professional looking PDF manuals. Check out the MOCs from The LEGO Group's designers such as Nathanaël Kuipers and Milan Reindl (Grohl).

Upgrade your Sets

There are plenty of modifications to official sets to be found such as Jurgen's Ultimate 8043 and Ultimate 42009, Beleu's Motorized 8081 Extreme Cruiser, and Efferman's Motorized 8109 Flatbed Truck. With just a few more parts you can deck out your favourite set with extra features!

Search through thousands of MOCs with building instructions

Every MOC on Rebrickable has a list of parts and building instructions, so you can be sure that anything you find here is buildable! You may not have every part required, but the beauty of LEGO is that you are encouraged to improvise!

CAD Tools

Import your LEGO 3d CAD files and Rebrickable will generate a parts list for them. Using the Private MOCs page you can then export the list into a number of alternate formats. You can also find out how much the parts cost and who has them in stock through our integrated parts stores. Or maybe you just want to see if you already have the parts to build it!

Who is behind this?

My name is Nathan Thom and I created Rebrickable in mid 2011, shortly after coming out of my dark age. After buying some large Technic sets, I figured it must be possible to build some of the smaller ones with the thousands of parts I had. After creating a database to solve the problem, I thought it would be useful to build a website that everyone could use. That turned out to be an even harder challenge but eventually I got it working and Rebrickable was born :)

If you want to know more about me, you can check out my Linked In page.

Admin Team

Rebrickable is big enough now that I can't run it on my own. There is a great team of admins who help with the day to day activities of running a large website.

Special mention needs to be given to some previous admins (now retired from LEGO):

Theskirrid - He helped me out in the early days of Rebrickable and had an encyclopedic knowledge of LEGO parts. I created the full Inventory Admin role for him and he proved to be instrumental in organising and categorising the early database.
Jantjeuh - He was the first developer I trusted to help me with the actual coding of Rebrickable, and I learnt a great deal about website development from him (this is my first site after all!). The number of improvements and ideas he brought to the site was phenomenal.


There are many third party tools that have helped make Rebrickable possible.

  • LDRAW - for CAD models of LEGO parts
  • POV-Ray - render realistic images of LEGO parts and sets
  • L3P - convert LDRAW models to POV-Ray scripts
  • LDD to POV-Ray Converter - excellent tool to convert LXF files to POV-Ray scripts
  • Brigl 3D Renderer written by Nicola Lugato
  • IP Geolocation by geoPlugin

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