Rebrickable has been running for four years now, with 2015 seeing plenty of growth.

The Stats

The below chart shows the daily page views for the last 4 years. This last week has seen a big surge in users which I hope continues into 2016!

Some stats for 2015:

  • 1 Million Visitors
  • 16 Million Page Views
  • Visitors are from: Europe (48%), Americas (33%), Asia (14%), Oceana (4%)
  • Or if you prefer countries: United States (26%), United Kingdom (8%), Germany (7%), France (5%), Netherlands (5%)
  • 25 000 New users registered
  • 1300 MOCs added

In 2015, about 35% of all traffic was from mobile devices (up from 30% in 2014). Rebrickable was never built with them in mind, so I will be looking at something for 2016 to make Rebrickable easier to use on mobiles/tablets. This will probably involve rewriting the entire site and may not actually finish in 2016 :)

New stuff

Some highlights of the new stuff that have been added in 2015:

  • Rebuilt Bricksafe to use modern web frameworks and improve it's functionality.
  • Plenty of new integration with BrickLink and BrickOwl, giving Rebrickable access to nearly all the stores out there to help you find the best bargain.
  • You can now Follow Designers and be notified when they have submitted new MOCs. Also a great way for designers to know how much they're loved :)
  • Started the Top MOC Competition - a new way for me to give away LEGO to the most liked MOCs submitted each month.
  • I released Rebrickable's first mobile app - The LEGO Shopper on Android which is doing pretty well. I will release an iOS version soon, and possibly a Windows version after that.

There were plenty more, but nothing I bothered to write about so I've forgotten :)

You can see the previous blog posts that list more of the site improvements by clicking on the Changes tag at the top of any blog post.


  • 2 years, 10 months ago ukraineman (2166)
    As fa as mobile goes...an app that you could download/save specific parts lists would be super helpful!

    I go on trips a lot and take Lego work with me but I don't always have Internet access...would love to be able to store set inventories!
  • 2 years, 11 months ago jaranth (120)
    I just found this website, and love the premise! I hope to contribute some cool MOCs in 2016. Full speed ahead!
  • 3 years ago kenzoo (10)
    I hope IOS version can be released in future.
    Keep it up!
  • Thanks for the great work. Only my wife is not too happy that you made it easier to buy parts at bricklink. Starting to become an addiction ;-)
  • 3 years ago Ingmar Spijkhoven (16627) MOC Designer DESIGNER
    Great that this site is running stronger each year!!! Thanks for all you do, you and your team!!! Very much appreciated...
  • 3 years ago brickexpert (433)
    That's wonderful Nathan. Thanks for sharing. Please keep the good work.
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