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Read the review below or jump straight to the photos! LEGO Technic 42001 Mini Off-Roader

This LEGO 42001 Mini Off-Roader is the fourth Technic set for 2H13. It's supposed to be an off-road truck but seems more like a baby version of the 42005 Monster Truck to me. Waiting to be squished.

Edit: This set now appears to be available for sale in some countries. Try Amazon or eBay.

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Box Contents

The box contains:

  • 2 x loose instruction booklets
  • 4 x Tyres
  • 2 x plastic parts bags
  • Of the instruction booklets, one is for the base and is 8 pages. The second booklet is for both the main and the B-Model, as they share a common wheel base. Unfortunately, both booklets are folded in half so that they can fit in the tiny box. I really hate this practice, as it makes browsing the pages harder and folding pages in any book has always irritated me :) There are no new parts or colors in this set, although the Orange micro fairings have so far only appears in the 42007 Moto Cross Bike

    LEGO Technic 42001 Box Contents


    This is a tiny set, and so only takes around 10 mins to build. However, for such a small set they did well to give it a kind of Dune-Buggy feel. The independent four wheel suspension (i.e. rubber bands) actually work great and make this mini truck quite playable as it will roll over nearly anything.

    Having said that, it didn't take my kids long before this truck was forgotten and they remembered what Monster Trucks did best :)

    I didn't build the B-Model as quite frankly, it looks almost the same except you lose the small novelty of being able to open the doors.

    And now I've run out of things to say about it. I don't normally buy any of the small sets, other than as a gift purchase :)

    LEGO Technic 42001

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    • 4 years, 7 months ago BjornLeenen (30)
      Haha, nice to see that the header-pic was almost bigger scale that the actual model. Indeed nice for gifts or like I would use it: desk-toy in the office.
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