Rebrickable actually turned 2 years old last month, and I completely forgot about it :) The site has continued to grow and has had many great changes made in the last year.

This image is a shot of my analytics page for those interested in this stuff.

The Stats

There's not much I want to say, so will just pull out a few stats. The last year has seen about a 2.5x growth in user activity compared to the first year.
  • 487K people visited 932K times
  • 5.5M page views
  • Users are from: Europe (49%), Americas (34%), Asia (11%), Oceana (5%)
  • 12K new users registered
  • 350 MOCs added
  • A big factor of this growth was the integration with Brickset, so thanks Huw!


    • 3 years, 12 months ago Rudolpho (449)
      Happy birthday from Holland and many happy returns.
    • Happy Birthday Rebrickable! and Happy Birthday to me tomorrow! The site has improved tremendously since I joined a year ago. Thanks for all the hard work Nathan!
      And another inquiring mind would like to know what is the #1 most popular set?
      • As bachaddict mentioned, the 8043 Excavator is the most popular. There is most likely a slant towards Technic users on this site as that is the community where I spend most of my time, and as a result gets the most visibility.
        • An extra thanks to bachaddict for posting the google search tip. I think it's really great that the 6 most popular sets here are NOT StarWars!
          • 4 years ago biodreamer (19379) MOC Designer
            Yeah but it weird that you should need to google to get that fact. The list is in the system shouldn't be much work to bring it out in the open. I don't have any of the top sets, I think my current top one is in the 300 range. but I have only added a fraction of my collection yet.
    • 4 years ago kjw010 (6112) MOC Designer
      Happy Birthday Rebrickable! Thanks, Nathan, for bringing us such an awesome site!
    • 4 years ago biodreamer (19379) MOC Designer
      what this site needs beyond more work with the catalog. is a forum to discuss things you like/dislike both about the site or in general about LEGO and mocs.

      I also wonder why there is no clear way to see the ranking of set in a rebrickable perspective rather then just see your personal most common/uncommon set. What set is the #1 most common set? is it one of the collectable minifigs?

      I know the rarest seem to be alot of the old supplyment sets. Probably because they aren't what people focus on when they collect sets.
      • I don't know if any set has ever overtaken 8043 at #1 spot. 20.6% of users have it.
        • 4 years ago biodreamer (19379) MOC Designer
          well we all know that these stats can't be represented over all then. I was expecting a small cheap set who anyone could afford that was released a few years ago. so we got a quite bias group of lego builders here.
      • I noticed something I haven't seen before - 8110 is #2 and 9398 is #3. I wonder if 42009 will be #4 soon!
        • What is #4 currently? I know Fire Brigade and Grand Emporium are 5 and 6.
          • 8070, which is surprising since I think it's not such a great set. I guess it just looks cool. Use this google search to find a specific rank:
            site:rebrickable.com "This set is ranked #4"
            • 8070 is a great parts pack, and the rear spoiler mechanism is quite nifty, but mine didn't stay assembled for long. 8043 deserves #1 though.
        • Shhh! Don't tell my husband that he's getting 42009 for his birthday in Dec. Maybe enough people will get it for Christmas to move it up the list.
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