I love Star Wars, but I must admit that I don't have many larger Star Wars sets. Besides the MicroFighters, there is a big gap in my collection. Let's see if this set can fill that gap a bit.


The Set
The Box
The Instruction
The Parts
The Build


The Y-Wing Assault Starfighter/Bomber is a familiar face in the Star Wars universe. It appeared in the original trilogy, Rogue One, The Clone Wars TV series and Rebels TV series. And judging by this set, it will appear again in The Rise Of Skywalker. In the universe, the fighter was introduced during the Clone Wars by the Republic Navy. Later is was used by the Rebel Alliance and the New Republic.
The fighter is also a familiar face within LEGO Star Wars. There are 5 standard sets, 2 Ultimate Collectors Sets, a MicroFighter, a Foil Pack, 2 Star Wars Advent Calender builds and a Key Chain. This is the first in a red color scheme.

The Set

Inspire young minds and collectors with this LEGO® Star Wars™ 75249 Resistance Y-Wing Starfighter model. This updated version of the classic fighter-bomber, a.k.a. wishbone, featured in the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie, has a new-for-October-2019 color scheme, opening cockpit with space for a minifigure inside, firing spring-loaded shooters and dropping bombs that will inspire kids to create action-packed Star Wars scenes with their friends. With Poe Dameron, Zorii Bliss and First Order Snowtrooper Star Wars characters, plus D-O and astromech droid LEGO figures, this starship playset makes a great addition to any fan’s collection.

The Box

The box measures 55 x 260 x 380 mm, and weighs 720 grams. The front shows the model, and on the back are all functions shown.


The Instructions

The instructions measures 255 x 195 mm, has 75 pages and 165 building steps divided over 4 stages.

The pdf can be downloaded here.

The Parts

The set contains 574 parts and 15 spare parts, in 18 different colors, and 32 different categories, with a total of 177 unique parts/color combinations.

Main colors are:

Main categories are:

There are 2 new parts: 60768 Minifig Helmet with Black Visor - Star Wars and 63857 Droid D-O.

There is 1 new print:

These parts are new in their color:

And 23444 Lattice 3X6 Module w/Knobs is rare in White:

There are 3 minifigures, droid D-O and an Astromech droid:

The Build

Stage 1 and 2 lays the base for the fighter. I noticed some shading in the white bricks, even within the same parts. Hard to get in a photo, but some are a bit yellowed. Reminds me of the 21309-1 Saturn V.

Stage 3 completes the majority of the fighter. There is some nice gribbling giving the model extra texture.


Stage 4 builds the massive engines giving the fighter it's Y-shape. The bars are a bit repetitive and flimsy at start, but once assembled, it captures the look very well.

A nice detail are the 3 added bombs. By turning the gear in the back, the bombs are dropped one by one.


I think I can keep it short: I like it. It's a fun model to build, with a great end result. It's strong enough to be handled by children, who are the core audience for this set. But also when you want it for display, this is a good set. Not perfect, but on this scale and price, they did a great job. The 3 minifigures and 2 droids are an added bonus.


Disclaimer: This LEGO set was kindly provided for review by The LEGO Group. Anything said in this post is the opinion of the author and not The LEGO Group.
Parts- and build photographs by Tobymac (© 2019 Rebrickable)


  • 2 months, 3 weeks ago swalker007 Level 4
    Haven't read reviews here before, but I appreciate calling out new parts, colors and rare elements. Well done.
  • 3 months, 1 week ago EpicJasonX9000 Level 5
    while it's not my favorite of the official Lego Y-Wings, which is currently Gold Leader's Y-Wing from 2012, I will admit that it's a pretty decent set. I honestly would get this set again and make some minor adjustments. like replacing the red pieces with blue, adding more white tiles on the back, and moving the white round pieces to the back to allow the top gun to face the front. probably the one thing that makes this design kind of interesting is that it resembles the original concept art of the Y-Wing by Ralph McQuarrie. which had a long body, the dome like gun turret in the cockpit, and the narrow snout. 

    if Lego ever does tackle the classic Y-Wing again, or if anyone is thinking about making newer MOCs, the two that I honestly would like to see would be both Blue Squadron from SOTE, and Gray Leader's Y-Wing from ROTJ. I honestly feel like Lego needs to branch out and tackle these ships that aren't the same ones over and over again. Gray Leader is certainly one that is rather unique due to his pilot uniform and the fact that his Y-Wing has a gray dewdrop design on the front of the craft. it's the main reason why I got his version custom painted as a Hasbro toy for Christmas along with a custom figure of Gray Leader himself. it would be really neat to see a Lego minifig of Gray Leader (Horton Salm), especially with his little mustache. he kind of reminds me of Michael Ironside from Starship Troopers with facial hair.

    it would be nice to see Lego finally do a Gray Leader Y-Wing set in the distant future.
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