This month was mostly about getting through the backlog of submitted sets, mocs, and other changes. I did get a few code fixes and improvements done though as described below.

  • You can now generate your own API key without emailing me. Go to your profile's settings page to generate one if you want to try it out. I will eventually add usage stats there too.

  • You can now delete your account and all your details without emailing me (see a theme here?). Not that anyone would want to do that!

  • I am now showing the current shop.lego.com sale price of current sets, and indicating if they are on sale. I am now collecting data daily from lego.com and amazon.com in the hopes of doing something useful with it later :)

  • Bricksafe - fixed showing pages with broken images from aborted uploads. I also reduced the number of files that get uploaded in parallel to 3 to try and resolve some people's upload issues.

  • MOCs that are being submitted and left in a WIP status for more than a month will now receive a warning email. After another month they are automatically deleted. There were a lot of old MOCs being started and left to clutter up the database.

  • I am now using the Cloudflare API to purge image caches for sets and user avatar images when they have been changed. It seems to work fine, although doesn't always take effect immediately.

  • User avatar images are now converted to PNG format after uploading which preserves transparency. Previously they were being converted to JPG which loses it and makes them ugly.

  • Comments now support BBCode, which means you can embed URL links among other things in your comments.

  • Now showing year in the tooltip display of the list of sets a part has appeared in.

  • Other Fixes - Show/Hide option on vendor box, lego.com shopping links, better similar set suggestions, some issues with approving set inventories.


  • 5 years, 7 months ago addyvandendoel Level 7
    cool! Or do graphical stuff with the price data like on brickwatch.nl (click one of the sets)
  • 5 years, 7 months ago Phoxtane Level 9
    You could in a couple years look at when new sets were introduced and when they were discontinued, and perhaps build data on which themes have the highest turnover for sets, and other such statistics! Another which comes to mind is the turnover rate for sets greater than, say, $200 as opposed to anything below $100.
    • 5 years, 7 months ago Nathan Level 28 Site Admin ADMIN
      Interesting... I'll be sure to make the data available soon so anyone can explore their own ideas :)
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