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The 10244 Fairground Mixer is labelled as an Expert Creator set. It has lots of different models, a dozen minifigs, and lots of moving parts which can be optionally motorised. The whole thing can be packed up for transportation on a couple of trucks, making it pretty different to the standard Creator builds which are usually quite static.

Box Contents

The box contains:

  • 17 x Numbered bags of parts (5x#1 5x#2 7x#3)
  • 2 x rigid hoses
  • Cardboard-backed instructions (3 books) + sticker sheet. Book #1 is smaller than the others.

It is quite a large set with 1743 parts, as shown in the full inventory.


If you are a fan of minifigs, this set is for you! There are 12 figs, with 4 of them being kids. 3 of them have dual printed heads, with the second one being their scared face.

This many minifigs provides a lot of playability. The fact that there are 12 seats on the fairground ride definitely helps :)


There are no new molds, but some new colored parts. The obvious ones are the glow in the dark parts of which there are 59 plus 1 spare.

Like all glow in the dark materials, these parts need to be energised by shining lights on them first and then they glow after turning the lights off. I used a couple of LED lamps which I normally use to light the models for my photos worked really well.


The three books match up with the numbered bags - i.e. bags labelled #1 are used in book #1, etc. Book 1 builds the various smaller fairground attractions and the smaller truck they all pack into.

The strength tester uses an 18L rigid hose with a 1x2 pin connector that slides up and down. There are two hammers, one big and one small, that can be used to hit the red dish. The small one is pretty useless though. If you use it hard enough to hit the top it will break the hammer. The bigger one is much better and if you hit it just right you can reach the top of the meter.

The dunk tank uses a couple of 5L technic beams carefully balanced. The minifig sits on top of one and when the ball strikes the plate, it drops from under her. The balls are the 32474 technic ball joint which are very light so you need to throw them pretty hard for it to work.

The ticket stand sits on a 6x6 plate and is a pretty standard build. The ticket sign folds down when packing it away.

The strength tester, dunk tank, and ticket booth all fit into the truck for transportation.

Book #2 builds the larger truck which includes the mechanism for turning the main fairground ride. The truck cabin is nicely designed. The top lifts off for easy access to the driver. For a moment I thought they had done the unthinkable and used a sticker across multiple parts (STAMP), but it is actually two stickers which were hard to put on straight and have both of them align nicely.

The trailer uses quite a few technic parts. It houses a few gears to turn the fairground ride, but there's nothing too exciting about it.

The main fairground ride has three arms that fold together for packing. Each arm has four seats which can stack on top of each other.

Everything in this ride and the fence is packed up into the larger truck.

The wind up block is purposefully designed to be the same dimensions as the battery pack. This is so when you motorise it, everything can be packed away the same way. There are two pins used to connect a medium motor to the drive shaft. This turns the ride at a nice leisurely... boring pace. Of course you can rig up your own gear ratios. A quick and easy thing to try is connecting the motor directly to the axle used by the manual handle, providing a 5x boost in turning speed. Probably not a good thing for the motor in the long run though.

This video shows the difference in speeds with turning it manually or with two different motorised settings. It also shows the set glowing in the dark.


This is a very interesting set, with lots of small models in addition to the main build. It has lots of functionality, and being able to pack up the entire fairground into two trucks provides plenty of room for play. In its packed state, the large truck is pretty fragile and you need to handle it carefully or it falls apart.

The glow in the dark parts also make it a novelty.

Check out the rest of the photos taken during this review at my Bricksafe page.

This set is now available for sale for USD $149.99 via Amazon, eBay, LEGO Shop, or check the country specific links on the set's details page.

Let me know what you think of this set by using the comments section below!



  • 5 years, 9 months ago Bolbuyk Level 18 MOC Designer
    I bought this set as soon as it was possible and it is awesome. The parts are quite good, however most of them in primary colors. There are a lot of rare parts by color (lime 1x1 plate, blue technic brick 1x16, white axle 12L and 16L for example). The GID-parts gave me the final push to buy this set. There are also a lot of transparant parts.
    I always like the minifigs in these kinds of sets, because there are a lot of females and the male figs look 'happy' instead of serious and/or aggressive like in most sets.
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