We have certainly had a busy November. For the first time in Rebrickable's 3 year history, I have had another developer help me with code changes. As a control freak, this was pretty nerve wracking at first. However, unlike myself, Jantjeuh is a professional web developer who has also been a Rebrickable Inventory Admin for the last 4 months and at the start of November started helping me fix my dodgy code. Surprisingly he didn't run away screaming after seeing it :) He has been invaluable in refactoring a lot of code to make it easier to maintain and helping me switch to better web development workflows like using git. Thanks Jantjeuh!

Of course, as well as code changes there have been plenty of data changes by the team of Inventory Admins and Set/Part Managers keeping the database up to date.

Monthly Stats

Some quick stats for the last month:

  • 28,000 Data Changes (Inventory items, part details, part mappings/relationships, etc)

  • 250 Commits (Code changes)

  • 82,000 Unique Users

  • 1,050,000 Page Views

New Feature - MOC Like Buttons

You can now give feedback to MOC designers in the form of a simple Like. At the moment you will find this link just above the download link or in the MOCs footer with the view counter. When you click I Like It you will be prompted to provide an optional comment which is encouraged. However, please try to give meaningful feedback and not simple "Thanks!" messages :) If you do not wish to leave a comment, that's fine to and your Like will still count.

For now these Like counts are not used anywhere other than for display. Once enough data has built up we may use it for something more interesting. Don't forget to go back to your old favourite MOCs and Like them as well :)



New Feature - Your Parts Colors

Now when you click on a part or visit a part's details page, you will see a lot more useful information. Notably, it will list each color and how many of each color you own. Hover over the color squares to see the exact color in case it's not obvious.

There is also a new Delete Part button that will remove the part from the parts list you are working on. This has the same functionality as setting quantity to zero and saving, but is slightly more obvious ;)

Other Changes

  • MOC Designer - now highlights extra parts when submitting alternate builds so you know at a glance if it is a valid alternate build.

  • Increased number of new MOCs/sets and hot MOCs shown

  • Auditing of Set ID changes

  • Closed change requests now include the change details in the notification email

  • Don't need to use the youtube embed code anymore for MOC videos, it will automatically figure it out

  • Now ordering missing parts by color in the build results

  • Top Designers can now show different time periods

  • Created new developer user role

  • Change Log timestamps now shown in UTC

  • API - added type filter to get_changes, new functions get_part_types() and search(), and improved the documentation for all functions

  • Improvements to the usage of MOC designer's analytics charts

  • Changed part's sets ordering by color hue.

  • API - change get_part() rebrickable_part_id handling to instead return rebrickable_part_ids array of parts

  • Auditing of set mapping changes

  • Build color default is now saved along with the advanced build settings, and is a separate setting to the default color used for set display calcs and MOC notification emails

  • Comments now allow unlimited nested comments via scrolling. Comment context likes go direct to individual comments.

  • Renamed some menu items (My Private MOCs, etc), and moved the stats links to the footer.

  • Show username in header instead of email, along with a quick logout link

  • Admin - improved tag handling for set/blog pages

  • Admin - ajax refresh submitted changes after processing

  • Admin - element id data popups

  • Admin - created bulk stickered parts removal tool

  • Admin - easy move of element ids between parts


  • API - fixed bug in get_user_set()

  • Fixed blog image preview if using double quotes

  • Fixed commenting from an ipv6 IP!

  • Better handle spaces in image urls when uploading an imge

  • Fixed designer MOC count when they have deleted MOCs

  • Fixed detection of closed BrickOwl stores in the automatic feed

  • Fixed MOCs recent comments filter

  • Fixed display of a user's profile sets/parts/mocs when not logged in

  • LDD file imports now make proper use of LEGO mappings (no longer using the old ldraw.xml file for part conversions)

  • Apply normalise mappings on all types of parts imports

  • Fixed deleting of sets that are in user_ignore_sets

  • Find parts now takes spare parts into consideration (but cant ignore alts etc)

  • Fixed the incorrect "0 secs since last visit" messages

  • Fixed image title tooltips when description has quotes

  • Fixed bug with submitting sets in a theme with quote char (eg pharoah's quest)

  • Fixed security for MOC designers who have changed their designer id

  • Import of parts that are merged now use normalise mappings correctly (eg 2429c01)

  • Fixed display of New+Used parts in buy box on part details pages

  • Fixed generate new part id

  • Improved image validity check on set submission

  • Fixed API string encoding issues (embedded quotes in xml output)

  • LOTS of css and formatting fixes for better cross-browser support

  • Admin - fixed warning messages on pending inventories

  • Admin - fixed null image when modifying pending set


There were a couple of frustrating issues with Bricksafe this month as detailed on the outages page. I ended up building a completely new server with all the latest software versions as well as taking advantage of recent AWS hardware offerings (eg SSD disks).


  • 5 years, 3 months ago mcrawford620 Level 7
    I don't see the Like thing on the MOC pages. Is there something I'm missing? I am logged in and everything.
    • 5 years, 3 months ago jantjeuh Level 28 PRO
      It's just above the big blue 'Download/Buy MOC Building Instructions' link to the right, next to the MOC image :)
      • 5 years, 3 months ago mcrawford620 Level 7
        Hmm, it's really not there. I'm emailing you (support) a screenshot.
        • 5 years, 3 months ago mcrawford620 Level 7
          OK, now I see them on the MOC page with the help of support. :-) I was looking on the "build this MOC" page and the Like Star isn't there yet, but will be.
  • 5 years, 3 months ago robmg Level 9
    I'm loving the new features in the parts information page. Keep up the great work!
  • 5 years, 4 months ago bj51 Level 14 MOC Designer
    I have an idea for sets to consider when you're missing parts to build something : put an option for sets available today, like sets from the last 2 years tops. Is it difficult to implement ?
    • 5 years, 4 months ago jantjeuh Level 28 PRO
      Please post suggestions in the 'Suggestions' forum, that way it's easier for us to keep track of them :)
  • 5 years, 4 months ago Kaanere Level 9
    I have some ideas
    -Set collector ADI role: that you have a huge collection of sets (why not?).
    -Top sets and themes: an special page for the most popular sets (like the Unimog) and themes.
    • 5 years, 4 months ago jantjeuh Level 28 PRO
      Please post suggestions in the 'Suggestions' forum, that way it's easier for us to keep track of them :)
  • 5 years, 4 months ago Mestari Level 13 MOC Designer
    Great changes! :)
    About the delete part function - you wrote it works the same as setting to 0 and saving. Does it mean it ignores the "Quantity to use" number and deletes everything from the part list used in a selected colour?
    You could also understand that it would delete selected number of pieces from your inventory.
    • 5 years, 4 months ago jantjeuh Level 28 PRO
      The 'Delete Part' button does exactly what it advertises: it deletes the part from the current inventory (i.e., sets its quantity to 0). The 'Quantity to use' number is indeed ignored.
  • 5 years, 4 months ago zooli Level 3
    are you going to open source the code on github? i think more people would contribute!
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