The 42037 Formula Off-Roader is a new 2015 Technic set with just under 500 parts, making it a medium sized model compared to the other ones released at the same time.

Box Contents

The box contains:

  • 5 x unnumbered bags of parts.
  • 4 x 81.6 x 38 Balloon Tyres.
  • 2 x instruction booklets (A + B models).
  • 1 x Sticker sheet (shiny!)

See the full inventory of 493 parts. Similar to the Mining Truck, there are building instructions for both the A and B models, but there are no digital instructions available through the free LEGO Building Instructions app.

I noticed that the artwork on the box and instruction book #1 shows a sticker that is slightly different to the real sticker supplied, so I guess there was a last minute change that wasn't coordinated between departments properly :)


There are several parts appearing in rare colors (the wheel is new in Lime for this set):

The Medium Blue parts only appear in one other set - the 42036-1 Street Motorcycle.


The build starts off with the front axle and suspension. The straight-4 engine is at least different to the usual V6 style, but I'm still tired of looking at the same piston engine parts that have been around since 1990 (25 years!).

Next up you build the rear axle with its suspension and connect it to the front axle. Nothing too fancy going on here.

The seat, paneling and roll cage is added last. The roll cage framework can be raised for the driver to get into the car.

Completed Model

As with the other 2015 Technic sets I've reviewed, I decided to add the stickers last. I don't think they add much value here, the car looks great without them anyway.


I've always liked the off-road type cars, and this one is no exception. The suspension (softer in front, harder in rear) combined with the balloon tyres makes it a very bouncy car, and lots of fun to play with :) It reminds me of the 42005 Monster Truck (it uses the same tyres too) but is longer and lower.

At just under 500 parts, it's not a big model but not small either. There are no new part designs or fancy building methods used. It's just a simple build of a nice looking model.

The B-Model is a very similar looking race car. The internals are actually very similar other than the lack of front suspension and a few bits of flair here and there. It's almost as if you just pull off the top paneling/roll cage and replace it with a more boring looking one.

You can now buy this set for $59.99, £44.99 or check other store prices and sales history here.


  • 4 years, 7 months ago kostuhoss Level 4
    Iam new to lego technic, but it looked to me like this is best model this year to buy for part to build suspensions... and both a and b models looks great, maybe even b is nicer...
  • 5 years ago jantjeuh Level 28 PRO
    This is actually a pretty damn good set! Great building experience (it's really well designed), and looks good, too.
  • 5 years ago Kaanere Level 9
    Hi! I just bought the 42032 compact track loader, and looks like LEGO is saving costs: the box opened at the mall, likely cheap glue. I'm the only one that has noted it?
    • 5 years ago tmak11 Level 5
      i too have noticed in recent years the decline in their packaging, but as-long as their actual product doesn't fall to the mega-block standards i'll be happy
      • 5 years ago Kaanere Level 9
        Yep! Just hope that I don't loose any part ;) .
  • Good review
    Bit a standard set, not much exciting going on
    • 5 years ago Mestari Level 13 MOC Designer
      There is one thing worth noting - it brings the suspension parts to much cheaper model than previously. Not only wheel hubs, but the front suspension steering arms. Those used to be expensive to get.
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