All downloads on this page are free for use for any purposes, as long as it's awesome. If you do make use of them for public consumption, a mention of Rebrickable would be nice.

Parts Images

Click on a link to download all available parts images for that color. All of these parts images are 100x75 PNG files. There is also a collection of larger parts images (500x375) with each part appearing in a single color only. These files are automatically updated at the start of each month.

Aqua   Black   Blue   Blue-Violet   Bright Green   Bright Light Blue   Bright Light Orange   Bright Light Yellow   Bright Pink   Brown   Chrome Antique Brass   Chrome Black   Chrome Blue   Chrome Gold   Chrome Green   Chrome Pink   Chrome Silver   Copper   Dark Azure   Dark Blue   Dark Blue-Violet   Dark Bluish Gray   Dark Brown   Dark Flesh   Dark Gray   Dark Green   Dark Orange   Dark Pink   Dark Purple   Dark Red   Dark Tan   Dark Turquoise   Earth Orange   Fabuland Brown   Flat Dark Gold   Flat Silver   Flesh   Glitter Trans-Clear   Glitter Trans-Dark Pink   Glitter Trans-Light Blue   Glitter Trans-Neon Green   Glitter Trans-Purple   Glow In Dark Opaque   Glow In Dark Trans   Glow in Dark White   Green   Lavender   Light Aqua   Light Blue   Light Bluish Gray   Light Flesh   Light Gray   Light Green   Light Lime   Light Orange   Light Pink   Light Purple   Light Salmon   Light Turquoise   Light Violet   Light Yellow   Lime   Maersk Blue   Magenta   Medium Azure   Medium Blue   Medium Dark Flesh   Medium Dark Pink   Medium Green   Medium Lavender   Medium Lime   Medium Orange   Medium Violet   Metal Blue   Metallic Gold   Metallic Green   Metallic Silver   Milky White   (No Color)   Olive Green   Orange   Pearl Dark Gray   Pearl Gold   Pearl Light Gold   Pearl Light Gray   Pearl Very Light Gray   Pearl White   Pink   Purple   Red   Reddish Brown   Reddish Lilac   Royal Blue   Rust   Salmon   Sand Blue   Sand Green   Sand Purple   Sand Red   Sky Blue   Speckle Black-Copper   Speckle Black-Gold   Speckle Black-Silver   Speckle DBGray-Silver   Tan   Trans-Black   Trans-Black IR Lens   Trans-Bright Green   Trans-Clear   Trans-Dark Blue   Trans-Dark Pink   Trans Fire Yellow   Trans Flame Yellowish Orange   Trans-Green   Trans-Light Blue   Trans-Light Purple   Trans Light Royal Blue   Trans-Medium Blue   Trans-Neon Green   Trans-Neon Orange   Trans-Neon Yellow   Trans-Orange   Trans-Pink   Trans-Purple   Trans-Red   Trans-Very Lt Blue   Trans-Yellow   Very Light Bluish Gray   Very Light Gray   Very Light Orange   Violet   White   Yellow   Yellowish Green   

Set Inventories

The inventories of every official LEGO set in the database is available as a single gzipped CSV file here. You can also get the list of parts and the list of colors used by the inventories. These files are automatically generated at the start of each month. If you need it to be more accurate, use the API which provides real time data.

Sets [set id, year, num pieces, theme, description] Modified January 23 2017 05:00:02.
Set Parts [set id, part id, quantity, ldraw color id, type (1=normal, 2=spare)] Modified January 23 2017 05:00:12.
Parts [part id, description, category] Modified January 23 2017 05:00:13.
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